Scott Adkins: training plan, diet and recommendations

Scott Adkins: training plan, diet and recommendations

Scott Adkins is an English actor and martial arts master. This handsome actor has wide shoulders and a perfect V-shape, what is probably the most desirable male body shape. If you saw the movie Undisputed 3, you certainly became a fan of Scott Adkins. We all are impressed by his amazing MMA fighting skills, including perfect taekwondo kicks.

Scott has a wrestling body shape that is the dream of many athletes. He looks like a bad Russian Hercules with tattoos and scars. He is 180 cm tall and weighs 75 ks. His martial arts experience has definitely helped him in body shaping, however he still maintain it with regular ardous trainings and balanced diet. 

If you want to get in the same shape as Boyka, you will have to work out to gain muscles and achieve a minimum body fat level. You need to practice all the right exercises to get the right shape and proportions. Take a look at his pectoral muscles and abs, they make him look like a statue of Greek god.

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Combat skills

Scott Adkins is not a “badass” only on the screen – he is even more tough in real life. He has been training a variety of martial arts styles since he was 14 years old, inspired by Bruce Lee. He started to train Taekwondo and managed to get his first black belt by turning 19. He also succesfully got his black belt in kickboxing.

In addition, other martial arts he has already trained are Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Wushu, Muay Thai and Ninjutse. We are not kidding – this is what watching movies with Bruce Lee makes you do.

Train wisely

Scott is very fast despite his muscular body shape. He moves fast. He kicks fast. And he also does everything possible, even his large body. Are you asking how is that possible? Because he trained wisely!

You surely know many fighters, who may have been fast and flexible, but ended up fighting because they became slow and less flexible due to the strength training. Does this mean that weight training makes you slower? 

It definitely depends on the way how your train. Weight training will not slow you down if you decide to follow a routine that mainly consists of combined movement exercises that train multiple muscle parts at once – focus on gaining functional strength,as well as muscles – and do not hurry to get the results.

Your goal is always the most important. Whenever you look for new ways to get in shape, you firstly have to decide what you want. Do you want a more muscular look, or do you want to slim down, lose weight and appear more toned and ripped? I adapt my training and diet with each role I do, depending on the image I want to convey.

Scott Adkins and his training plan

When it comes to workouts, Scott is an enthusiast. He loves practicing variety of workouts. Moreover, he always have a clearly defined fitness goal, that propels him to embrace even the most difficult levels of different exercise. He performs exercises that enhance his muscle mass without making his body looks like a Hulk. Apart from kickboxing, which builds up his strength and speed, he prefers to practice bench press, pull-ups, squats and deadlift. These exercises make sure that his shoulder muscles are growing and give him macho look, but he also train his abs to get his waist narrower in order to get the perfect V shapes body. According to Keith from his training plan is as follows.

MONDAY: Upper body

• Flat bench press – 3 sets with 6 reps
• Rowing movements (dumbbells, barbell) – 3 sets with 6 reps
• Dumbbell military press – 2 sets with 12 reps
• Chin ups – 2 sets with 10 reps
• Triceps extension with rope or dumbbell – 1-2 sets with 15 reps
• Dumbbell curl with dumbbells (or barbell) – 1-2 sets with 15 reps

WEDNESDAY: Lower body

• Front squat – 3 sets with 5 reps
• Stiff legged deadlift – 3 sets with 6 reps
• Barbell lunges – 2 sets with  12 reps
• Seated calf raise – 5 sets with 12 reps
• Standing calf raise – 2 sets with 12 reps

FRIDAY: Upper body

Same as monday, but replace flat bench press with incline bench press.

Perform the circuit of exercises for effective fat burning 2 to 3 times with 30 seconds of rest between each circuit.

• Burpees – 12 reps
• Dumbbell swing – 20 reps opvakovaní
• Mountain climbers – 45 seconds
• Close grip push ups – as many as possible in 30 seconds

In addition to the muscle exercises, he also does cardio workouts like running, sprinting and others for achieving his objectives of increasing speed and shedding weight. Moreover, this active celebrity plays sports like football or basketball. These games are both fun and great exercises and easily get his body and mind in balance.

Sample exercises for all muscle groups

Back: Deadlifts, chin ups

Legs: Squats, deadlifts

Chest: Flat bench press, incline bench press, push-ups, triceps push-ups

Shoulders: Dumbbell press

Abs: Leg raises, alternative leg raises, L- sits, V – sits

Calves: Jump rope, vertical jump

Forearm: Dead hangs

DayMuscle groupExercises
ModayLegs, back, shouldersdeadlift (5×10), zhyb (max.5), or biceps curls (5×10)
TuesdayAbs, forearmsLeg raises(20×3), L- sits (1minX5)
WednesdayLegs, chestDeadlift (5×10),  flat/incline bench press (5×10)
ThursdayAbs, calvesLeg raises (20×3), L- sits (1minX5),verical jump
FridayLegs, shouldersDeadlift (5×10), dumbbells press (5×10)
SaturdayAbsAlternative leg raises

Scott Adkins advises on exercise

For gaining muscle mass and strength, keep the rep range between 4 to 6 reps. Perform 10 sets of every exercise. Do not perform any cardio or physically demanding activities if you try to gain some weight, as it will only hinder your gains. Avoid foods that contain gluten, such as wheat and others. Lower your fat intake to minimum and eat less salt.

Add some weight to your lifts after each workout. When you stop progressing, reduce weights by 10% of your maximum and simply start again. Never train to failure. Your goal is to do a lot of volume with heavy weights, so there is no need to exhaust your muscles. It could hinder your progress and may lead to an injury. Do not forget, your safety is always on the first place.

Different body types

The trickiest part in weight trainins is choosing the right workout and diet plan according to our body type. People usually react differently to weight training, so one type of training that worked for someone might not work for you.

Fortunately, this workout is designed to all three body types. But you still have to follow some guidelines to get the maximum benefit. Here are some diet and training tips:

Tips for ectomorph body type (ectomorphs)

Ectomorphs, also called hard gainers (those who have a hard time gaining muscles) are people with small joints and high metabolism. They have a hard time gaining muscles, maintain low body fat level and have a small body frame. Their goal should be to add lean muscles to their frame. Moreover, they can even lose little body fat they have.

• 5-6 is the ideal rep range
• If you are not lactose intolerant, milk can help in gains. However, do not drink it too much
• Try to consume enough calories for recovery
• Eat food rich in proteins
• Eat fiber
• Drink lots of water
• Avoid physically demanding activities when trying to gain some weight

Tips for mesomorph body shape (mesomorphs)

Mesomorphs have good genetics for muscle gaining, and can gain muscles more easily than ectomorphs. They are naturally muscular and have bigger joints. Their goal should be to gain muscles first and lose the body fat and get ripped later. When you have gained it enough, do cardio three or more times a week.

• 8-10 sets for each exercise
• Avoid fatty foods
• Eat vegetables
• Eat food rich in protein
• Eat fibre
• Do lots of jumping ropes while losing fat
• Drink lots of water
• Try to consume enough calories for recovery

Tips for endomorph body shape (endomorphs)

Endomorphs are people that have a hard time when losing weight. They have bigger joints, a wide waist and slow metabolism. A right diet plan is the best bet for them. Without it, cardio sessions will only exhaust them. They need to find a solid diet that would work for them.

• Lift heavy weights
• Do a lot of jump rope
• 10 sets for each exercise
• Avoid fatty foods
• Eat vegetables
• Try to consume enough calories for recovery
• Eat foods rich in protein
• Eat fibre
• Drink lots of water
• Avoid foods containing gluten

His diet

Scott is being addicted to staying in shape, as well as he also maintains balance between diet and exercises. His nutrient balanced diet contains carbodydrates with low glycemic index, proteins and healthy fats.

Instead of succumbing to processed and refined foods, Scott consumes whole and clean foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, fish and protein drinks to nourish and strengthen his body. As his trainings are are really grueling, he nourishes his body with proteins in protein shakes half an hour before training. In addition, he also remains careful of feeding his body with protein after his workouts. It triggers muscle repair and muscle building process in our bodies.

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