Michelle Lewin: An Uncrowned Fitness Queen of Instagram Who Struggled with Stunted Growth as a Child

Michelle Lewin: An Uncrowned Fitness Queen of Instagram Who Struggled with Stunted Growth as a Child

If you are a lifestyle enthusiast on Instagram, you’ve probably heard the name Michelle Lewin. She has millions of followers, which is why she deserves to be called the uncrowned fitness queen of social networks. Despite her tremendous success and perfect appearance, Michelle did not have it easy in her life.

Childhood marked by divorce of her parents and growth disorder

Michelle Lewin was born on February 25, 1986. She is from Maracay, Venezuela. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Later, her mother found another partner who left them when Michelle was 14 years old. Out of nowhere, they were left without money and had to live in a small apartment, which they shared with cockroaches.

In order to survive, Michelle had to start working. As a result, she quickly developed mentally. Physically, however, her growth stopped and at the age of 17 she weighed only 39 kilograms. It was the time when that the idea of ​​visiting a gym was born in her head. As you know, exercising has changed her life forever.

Beginner’s mistakes and love for her trainer

Getting started in the gym is not easy at all. Like many other beginners, Michelle made plenty of mistakes in her training routine. She put way too much effort into her legs and buttocks, neglecting the other parts of her body. The result was an asymmetrical figure which did not look the best. In 2008, she met with Swedish trainer Jimmy Lewin. He saw great potential in her. He wanted her to become a world-famous model and helped her adjust her training.

From that moment on, she began to gain muscle mass evenly and her figure began to be symmetrical. Shortly afterwards, her and her trainer Jimmy became a couple. Later that year, they moved to Europe together, where Jimmy introduced her to several modelling agencies. If you expect success, we will disappoint you. Modelling agencies did not like Michelle and rejected her. She was pretty enough, but the problem was her height of only 163 cm.

After the rejection from the fashion world she also failed in a fitness competition

Although Michelle was disappointed with the modelling agencies’ decision, she certainly did not give up. She continued her fitness career and kept gaining more and more muscle mass. In 2014, she tried her luck for the first time in the IIFB Europa Show of Champions in Orlando. However, the desired success did not come here either, and Michelle Lewin finished last.

However, she showed that she is a fighter and continued to participate in several other IFBB competitions. In the end, her efforts paid off and she won a nice third place in one of the competitions. At that point in her life she was in her best form.

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Her husband introduced her to the world of Instagram

Jimmy Lewin decided started taking pictures of his wife in her top form. He then posted the pictures to social networks and the result was a huge success. The number of followers in Michelle’s Instagram account began to grow. It gradually reached an amazing number, which in 2021 is approaching 14 million fans. On Facebook Michelle Lewin has 9 million likes and 360,000 people are subscribed to her YouTube channel.

Shy and never happy with her figure

Despite the enormous successes that make her the uncrowned queen of social networks, Michelle Lewin is rather shy in private. She has issues with her self-confidence and her husband claims that she is never satisfied with her figure. She always sees herself in the mirror either too skinny or too fat. However, her fans have a completely different opinion and consider her body to be perfect.

Two-phase training including strength and cardio

Wondering what Michelle Lewin is doing to keep her figure like this? Well, it’s not easy at all. She does two-phase training every day. Her morning begins with a 45-minute cardio, which she complements with carefully planned strength training in the evening. Despite the hard work in the gym, she attributes her appearance mainly to a nutritionally balanced diet.

She used to do heavy lifting, but she didn’t really care about the amount of calories she was receiving. Gaining muscles was thus much harder for her and the results were not ideal. Nowadays, she prefers to lift lighter weights, do more reps and maintain a balanced diet.

What do you think of Michelle Lewin? Are her concerns justified or do you consider her to be perfect like her fans?


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