Fitness Recipe: Pistachio Baklava with Walnuts

Fitness Recipe: Pistachio Baklava with Walnuts

The sweet dessert called baklava is an essential part of every bakery in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. You should definitely give it a try, and that is why we are very happy with our new recipe! You can now prepare a pistachio baklava with walnuts at home! Its unexpectedly simple preparation and incredibly delicious taste motivated us to come up with this recipe. And the fact that it is also suitable for vegans only confirms its brilliance. So without further do, let’s dive right into it.


Ingredients for the syrup:

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First of all, grind the nuts into flour. Prepare a round baking sheet for baklava and spray it with coconut oil. Cut the dough to fit the shape of the sheet, but do not throw away the cuttings because you will use them for the inner layers. Put the first dough plate on the bottom of the sheet, spray it with coconut oil and spread 1 tbsp of linseed oil evenly on it using a brush. Repeat the process with another 3-4 dough plates. Subsequently, spread evenly 1 tbsp of pistachio butter on the layered plates finished with coconut and linseed oil and sprinkle a thin layer of ground nuts on top. Then add another layer and repeat the whole process until there are no nuts and pistachio butter left. Finish the layering with 3-4 layers which spread only with coconut and linseed oil, as you did on the bottom layer. Cut the baklava into 50 small pieces with a sharp knife.

Spray the top layer with olive oil and spread 2-3 PL of linseed oil on it. Heat the oven to 150 ℃ and bake the baklava for about 40-50 minutes. When the baklava is ready, remove it from the oven and let it cool. Now it is time to prepare the syrup. Add maple syrup, water and erythritol in a small pot and let it all cook together for about 30 minutes. Finally, add vanilla and mix well. Pour the hot syrup evenly on the cooled baklava. Garnish each piece with pistachio butter and hemp seeds. Let the baklava cool and rest in order to absorb the syrup well. Then store it in the refrigerator. Serve and enjoy every bit!

Fitness Recipe: Pistachio Baklava with Walnuts
Nutritional values1 piece (50 pieces in total)
Protein2 g
Carbohydrates10 g
Fat6 g

Enjoy the traditional dessert suitable for vegans – baklava with walnuts. Share the recipe with your loved ones and let us know how you liked this delicacy.

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