Anllela Sagra: First Colombian Fitness Model with a Perfect Abs and Millions of Fans

Anllela Sagra: First Colombian Fitness Model with a Perfect Abs and Millions of Fans

To be one of the slim models with perfect “90-60-90” measurements, or build a muscular figure in the fitness world? Although Anllela Sagra had tended towards fashion since she was a little girl, in the end her love for sport won out and the choice fell on fitness. She certainly did not have to regret her decision, as after a year and a half of exercise she won third place in her first fitness competition, which was the start of her successful sports career. Anllela, however, is certainly not one of those fitness professionals who live only for competitions. She is also building her popularity through social networks such as Instagram, where she had approximately 12.4 million fans in January 2021. She shares posts with motivating exercises, but also hundreds of pictures of her body in often provocative poses. However, millions of fans love her lean abs and sexy Instagram dances. [2] [4]

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At the beginning of 2021 she has hundreds of thousands of followers even on YouTube, where she is not all that active. She started her channel in 2015. However, she stopped filming at the beginning of 2017 and did not add another video until December 2020. She didn’t tell fans the reason for her inactivity, only recorded a video of herself dancing to a remix of Killing Me Softly. No one is likely to be surprised that there has been much speculation to explain her inactivity. [3]

In addition to creating content, however, she also devotes herself to her beloved fashion, designing clothes under the Avine Apparel brand, selling resistance bands, as well as personalized posters where people can buy a poster with her photo and personalized message for almost $30. And because her passion is fitness, she has even created her own transformation program, where she tries to help people from all over the world change their physique through interval training and carb cycling, which has also helped her achieve lean body. [1] [2]

I’m sure the gentlemen are wondering if this young lady is taken. I guess I’ll have to disappoint you. In 2015, she started dating a fitness colleague named Tomas Echavarria, and there is no indication that Anllela will be single at the turn of 2020 and 2021. Nevertheless, you can enjoy her provocative dances or get motivated to exercise.


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