Climaqx Lifting Straps & Grips

Lifting Straps & Grips from manufacturer Climaqx are essential fitness aids and pieces of fabric or skin that is wrapped around your wrist and dumbbells to make lifting heavy weights easier. Straps allow for higher performance, more comfort in the gym, grip reinforcement, which ultimately has a positive effect on muscle mass growth, volume and strength. The hooks are usually made of high-quality steel and leather or other non-slip fabric but are made to prevent re-opening. This fitness accessory is common in the gym today and is not only used by professional bodybuilders, but also by regular gym visitors, powerlifters and other power athletes.

Advantages of straps and grips:

  • they are mainly used in power sports
  • facilitate lifting of heavy weights
  • maintain proper grip
  • excellent wrist protection
  • protect against injury
  • used with every type of lifting
  • are suitable for back exercises, hamstrings, abdominal muscles in a hanging position
  • improve performance and strength to support muscle growth
  • speed up achieving goals


Types of straps

There are several types of straps, such as straps with loops, Olympic straps or hooked straps, also known as hooks. When choosing them, it is worth investing and choosing a better-quality material to reduce the risk of injury.


Straps with loops

Straps with loops are a basic type that adapts to a wide range of athletes because of their diversity in material and length. Most often, they are made of fabric or leather, and thanks to their loop construction, it is easy to wrap them around your wrist and adjust them. Some may, however, be unhappy with the remainder of the cloth that can hinder or block a lift of the dumbbell.


Olympic straps

The Olympic straps form a substantially closed loop that allows for quick attachment to the rod. You can wrap them around the dumbbell very easily and so is also their unwrapping. This is an advantage in heavy weights when you quickly need to release a dumbbell. By forming a closed loop, you cannot set a strap around your wrist very tightly. With this type of straps, you would prefer better quality material that will increase the grip safety.


Hooked straps or hooks

Hooks are a common and very popular tool in power sports. Hooked straps are especially popular because they do not need to be wrapped. The standard rod fits comfortably in the hooks, but with special rod, the hooks may not fit you.

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