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LIFT Lifting Straps serve to improve your grip on the barbell during strength training. Just wrap one end of the strap around your wrist, while attach the other one to the barbell. This will reduce the strain on your forearms when performing pulling exercises such as deadlifts. The wraps allow you to grain a more stable grip, meaning you may be able to lift heavier loads, or perform more repetitions of the exercise. In the final effect, you will increase your strength potential and in so doing accelerate muscle growth. 

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LIFT Lifting Straps improve your grip on the barbell, allowing you to lift heavier weights or perform more repetitions  

LIFT Lifting Straps are practical training aids that will help you increase your grip strength for heavy lifting. The straps have a common design with an eyelet on one end. By threading the strap through the eyelet, you create a loop into which you insert your hand. The rest of the strap is then wrapped around the barbell. Thanks to its length of 60.9 cm and width of 3.8 cm, the strap is easy to wrap around the bar. Doing this reduces the tension in your forearms and fingers when performing pulling exercises such as deadlifts, meaning you won't be limited by your grip strength. Therefore, you should be able to lift heavier weights, or perform more repetitions of the given exercise. Such measure contributes to better strength capacity and in the final effect to faster muscle mass growth. 


LIFT Lifting Straps are made from durable nylon. They are ideal for bodybuilders, heavy weight lifters, powerlifters, crossfit athletes and other athletes who are looking to increase their grip strength.   



LIFT Lifting Straps & their advantages

  • lifting straps for improving your grip 
  • reduce tension in forearms and fingers
  • 60.9 can long and 3.8 cm wide
  • made from durable nylon
  • package includes a pair of straps for each hand 
  • easy to use
  • ideal for deadlifts and similar pulling exercises
  • ideal for bodybuilders, heavyweight lifters and powerlifters



100 % nylon.   


Dimensions of the straps

Length 60.96 cm
Width 3.81 cm
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