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DIP II Parallel Bars are a useful workout equipment that will perfectly fit into your home fitness gear. You can use them for multiple body weight exercises, for upper or lower body, or even abs. This way parallel bars will help you improve your physical condition and body posture.

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DIP II Parallel Bars - ideal home workout equipment to build strength

DIP II Parallel Bars are perfect for home workout. It's a very universal workout equipment that targets all your body muscles. All you need is your body weight. They are easy to use and maintain. You can place parallel bars anywhere, indoors or outdoors.


DIP II Parallel Bars have an elegant black colour and are suitable for a body weight workout. They allow you to perform various upper and lower body exercises, such as push-ups. Parallel bars are a useful piece of equipment especially for those who want to improve their physical condition and strength. Moreover, they can be used anywhere.



DIP II Parallel Bars & their benefits

  • a practical fitness tool for home workout
  • easy to install
  • suitable for multiple upper and lower exercises including abs exercises
  • help you to improve your physical condition and strength



Length 61 cm
Width 39 cm
Height 74 cm
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