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Lifting Hooks are designed to improve grip during exercise. They are made from strong leather and stainless steel, fastening is solved by Velcro, which has been tested to very high loads and long service life. Hooks improve your grip, exercise technique and therefore you gain on strength and muscle mass.

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Fitness Hooks to improve your grip and technical side of exercises

Fitness hooks or hook straps are designed to improve grip while exercising with heavy weights. They come in useful mostly when training back, hamstrings or abdomen. You can handle more weight if hooks are applied correctly, due to better grip, thus improving the technical performance of exercises, increases your strength and muscle mass.


These hooks are made of stainless steel that is maximally resistant against opening even using the biggest possible weights. Hooks are attached through the back of the hand by a padded material that is made specifically to withstand heavy loads. The opening and closing on the back of the hand is provided by a pair of opposing Velcro fasteners, which are tested for a very heavy load and long product life.


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Fitness Hooks & their benefits

  • do not require any wrapping
  • bar fits comfortably in the hooks
  • padding made of soft foam allows greater comfort of the wrist
  • attached by double nylon belt
  • made of thick leather and stainless steel
  • Velcro fastener
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