feta cheese

Feta is truly a staple in the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. It is made from sheep’s milk or a combination of sheep’s and goat’s milk, with a texture resembling hard cottage cheese. Feta stands out with its unique savoury taste, elevating the gourmet experience of any dish.

Feta in cold dishes 

Feta is an indispensable part of a Greek salad. To prepare it at home, you’ll need vegetables, olives, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and seasoning. However, you can adjust the ingredients according to your taste. Feta also tastes great in other salads, such as this pasta salad. Additionally, it complements legumes, as seen in the lentil salad with avocado, carrot, and feta.  Surprisingly, it pairs well with sweet flavours too, captivating your taste buds in a salad with mango and chickpeas.

Feta in hot dishes

Feta melts very easily, making it perfect for both baking and gratin. It therefore really shines in dishes like potatoes or pasta au gratin. It also complements roasted vegetables superbly. You can also easily create delicious pasta sauces with it, such as a feta and tomato sauce. This cheese adds flavour to creamy soups or can be added to various savoury pies like quiche or the ever popular muffins. Last but not least, you can fry it, similar to Edam, and prepare fried feta cheese.

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Fitness Recipe: Greek Pasta Salad

Vegetable salads are an ideal light meal or a great side dish for a summer barbecue. Try the traditional Greek salad with feta cheese and pea pasta. These two ingredients provide it with high-quality plant proteins. A healthy delicacy with a super fast preparation.

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Fitness Recipe: Baked Vegetables with Feta Cheese

We have a brilliant tip for you for a quick, tasty, and healthy dinner! Prepare baked vegetables full of vitamins with delicious feta cheese, which perfectly complements its taste! Enjoy it as a snack or as a side dish, it’s up to you and your taste. Let’s get started!

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