Simeon Panda – A Fitness Model & One of the Most Influential Influencers in the World

Simeon Panda – A Fitness Model & One of the Most Influential Influencers in the World

A very sympathetic British guy Simeon Panda is one of the most influential fitness influencers in the world. In addition, he is a successful entrepreneur with his own sports brand Just Lift, which offers various fitness accessories and clothing. His body is the result of heavy lifting and strict adherence to the principles of clean eating. Over the years, he has managed to build a literal digital empire on social media, where he has 13 million loyal followers. This is also the reason why he really cares about his image.

However, he is still haunted by publishing one specific photo from a luxury hotel by the pool in Cyprus. Many motivational websites picked up the photo and added a quote to it. As he stated on his blog, he is not a fan of such motivational quotes. He teaches his fans that they can achieve success only through the hard work, the same way he presents himself as well. He does not consider photos full of luxury and quotes to be inspiring. Furthermore, he claims that he is not driven by money, but by the satisfaction he gets from overcoming difficult obstacles or limits.

He began experimenting with exercise due to being skinny

His fitness journey began when he was sixteen. Despite the fact that he was doing a lot of physical activity, he was tall and annoyed by his slim body. He got into exercising through a classmate who was working out at home in his garage. When Simeon saw his form, he asked for advice on how to achieve the same results. On the same day, he bought weights and immediately started working out. He approached the exercise with enthusiasm and very quickly understood that the results require consistency and perseverance.

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When the first results started to show, Simeon was pleased with the praises of those around him and his motivation grew. The trainings taught him to be keen and work on himself, which he also uses as a motivation for his fans. His favourite muscles to work on are the back. He recommends including mainly these three exercises in the training routine – squats, bench press and deadlift. He considers squats to be the most difficult exercise, but at the same time he adds that they bring the most results. Especially for beginners, he recommends that they should forget about advanced techniques such as supersets or dropsets and focus more on basic exercises.

Training seven days a week without any rest

Simeon Panda is a fan of the pyramid workout, ie increasing the weights and reducing the number of repetitions in the series. He also promotes the importance of a training plan that you should stick to for a long time. It is especially recommended for beginners, who should be patient until the first results appear. Interestingly, he himself trains seven days a week without rest. He does heavy lifting and also includes cardio. He doesn’t claim that it is necessary, but he thinks it is right and considers a visit to the gym to be his daily necessity. In addition to hard training, he is also a supporter of very strict adherence to diet. Throughout the year, he tries to follow the rules of clean eating, which he sometimes supplements with a cheat meal here and there. He eats 5 to 6 times a day and his diet consists mostly of fish because they are easy to prepare, red meat, chicken, eggs and vegetables.

Controversy linked to steroid use

Simeon Panda stubbornly claims to be natural. Despite his messages about hard work in exercise and diet, he did not avoid suspicions of steroid use. He never admitted using those and was unhappy about the public accusations.

“I feel like I have to show people what can be achieved through natural bodybuilding if you put in 110% and do it right.”

– Simeon Panda 

He tried several times to convince the doubters that only honest exercise and diet were behind his form. One of Simeon Panda’s arguments is his participation in the Musclemania competition, where one of the conditions is a natural form and each participant must pass a steroid test. At the same time, he underwent a polygraph test which showed with 98% accuracy. Simeon did that to prove he was not lying when asked two questions about steroids.

However, the voices of the critics did not die down, but Simeon Panda did not give up. He later supplemented the results of the polygraph test with a hair follicle drug test, which can detect steroid use up to 90 days after the end of the treatment. He passed this test also with a negative result. However, this is not enough to convince doubters, because he knew about the date of the test and could have stopped taking steroids in advance.

What do you think about this popular fitness influencer? Do you believe that he built his muscles in a natural way or are you leaning towards the story with steroids? We hope you enjoyed this article, and we will be happy if you’d share it with your friends.


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