Larry Wheels- Hora svalov a powerlifterský rekordman, ktorý nemá problém ani s 5500 kcal denne

Larry Wheels: A Really Muscular Man And A Powerlifter Record Holder Who Consumes Up To 5,500 kcal Per Day When Training For Size

Larry “Wheels” Williams is known as a world-class powerlifter. He has his own fitness brand Personal Record Lifestyle and is the author of many authentic programs for beginners. He teaches the basics of powerlifting, but also strength development and muscle building. His body is a symbol of success and hard work. On Instagram, he is followed by an incredible 2.4 million fans, showing them that it is possible to fulfil their dreams. However, despite his success so far, his life has not always been easy, and he literally built everything from nothing. What is his story?

Childhood scarred by poverty, foster families and bullying

Larry “Wheels” Williams was born on December 3, 1994 in the Bronx. This district is known for its high crime rate and similarly high poverty rate. Larry’s childhood was no different. After his mother lost the right to care for Larry, he had to spend several years with foster families.

During his childhood, he did not avoid poverty or bullying. When he was 12, he left New York and moved with his mother to a Caribbean island called Saint Martin. It was difficult there because none of the children spoke English.

His first barbell was a broom handle

Larry started exercising when he was 14 years old. He is the true definition of starting from scratch. His first barbell was made from a broom handle, at the end of which he placed concrete blocks as weights. After two years outside the United States, however, he and his mother decided to return to the Bronx.

Larry Wheels: A mountain of muscles and a powerlifter record holder who consumes up to 5,500 kcal per day
source: youtube.com

Larry found a job there so he could afford to pay for a gym and began to devote himself fully to his transformation. As his muscles grew, he understood that powerlifting would become his Holy Grail. He wanted to be bigger and stronger.

Success in competitions and world records

It didn’t take long for the young promising bodybuilder to literally succumb to the powerlifting spell. He started to compete and it didn’t take long for him to start succeeding. Larry Wheels won his first competition when he was only 18 years old. He became known to the general public in 2017, when he managed to set a world record in three-lift with a combined weight of 1031 kg.

In 2020, he stole another record from its previous holder Eric Lilliebridge at the Arnold Sport Festival. His three-lift result was an incredible 1,075 kilograms. It consisted of 293 kg in the bench press, 388 kg in the deadlift and 395 kg in the squat.

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World class powerlifter who sometimes consumes up to 5500 kcal per day

Larry Wheels is an actual mountain of muscles. He is about 185 cm tall and trains really hard. Like his colleagues, he knows that his diet is more important than anything. In order to be able to lift heavy weights, he consumes an incredible 5500 kcal when training for size.

When training for size, Larry Wheels consumes up to an unbelievable 5500 kcal.
source: muscleandfitness.com

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