Floyd Mayweather: Fenomén, ktorý s bilanciou 50:0 v profi boxe nikdy nezažil trpkú chuť prehry

Floyd Mayweather: A Phenomenon with a Score of 50:0 in Professional Boxing Who Has Never Lost a Single Combat

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was born on February 24, 1977. He comes from Michigan and is a son of a wrestler and nephew of two professional boxers. And so he fell in love with this sport too, and as one of the few, he can be proud of a career that was not marked by any loss. He has an incredible score of 50: 0. He is also known for his spectacular lifestyle which he presents on his Instagram, followed by almost 30 million fans. Floyd Mayweather’s life is full of luxury, expensive clothing, sports cars and private jets. It wasn’t always like that though, he worked his way up to be a boxing star literally from scratch. What preceded his success?

Childhood marked by drugs, redeemed by boxing

Floyd Mayweather did not grow up in an ideal background. His mother was addicted to drugs and he himself knew very well as a child what poverty was. Not even his father was an exemplary parent, since he was in prison for drug trafficking. Therefore, young Floyd spent most of his childhood with his grandmother.

Floyd Mayweather and his father
source: https://www.ringtv.com/

He didn’t even finish high school and turned his full attention to sport. He got his first boxing gloves at the age of seven. That’s why boxing became his sanctuary from all the problems that accompanied his childhood.

A champion with pretty face

Floyd Mayweather experienced his first big success in boxing when he was 16. He won the then Golden Gloves National Championships. As one of the few boxers, he can be proud of his undamaged face, for which he was nicknamed Pretty Boy. Most of his colleagues were marked by a broken nose, missing teeth, or other wounds after strikes.

Floyd Mayweather: A Phenomenon with a Score of 50:0 in Professional Boxing who Has Never Lost Any Combat
source: https://www.promiflash.de

But Floyd’s face served as a proof that he wasn’t losing and he really could defend himself against strikes. As a young man, he had the honour of participating in the Olympics. However, his hunger for gold was stopped when he lost in the semi-finals. Nevertheless, he ended his amateur career with an amazing score. Some sources give a score of 84: 6, others 84: 8 or 84: 9. No matter which data is true, these are truly breath-taking results.

An invincible pro

After joining the profs, Floyd Mayweather became famous as a boxer who does not lose. He began his career with his uncle Roger being his coach who he was then replaced by Floyd’s father after his discharge from prison. The opponents who met Mayweather in the ring in the second half of the 1990s were fated to lose in the form of KO or TKO.

He won his first title in the featherweight in 1998. This triggered an avalanche of victories and triumphal moments. Floyd Mayweather eliminated 24 opponents in world matches. In addition, he has won several Best Fighter ESPY Awards.

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The fight with Manny Pacquiao broke the audience records

Among the biggest rivals of Floyd’s career was the top Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao. He is known for being the first champion in the history of boxing who managed to win titles in eight weight categories. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was a huge event that took place on May 2, 2015 in Las Vegas. It was the most watched PPV (pay per view) format in history, purchased and watched by more than 4.6 million subscribers.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao
source: https://www.nytimes.com

The boxers gave each other a total of almost 900 blows and the fight lasted 12 exhausting rounds. As you might know, Floyd became the winner. The amount of money he credited to his account after this fight has never been officially confirmed. However, it was estimated that it could have been an incredible $180 million. Despite high expectations and marketing, the legendary fight was criticized for its weaker sports performance. Manny Pacquiao later admitted that he appeared with an injured shoulder.

He defeated Conor McGregor when already retired

There was no return fight with Manny Pacquiao even years later, at the time of writing. It has been speculated on several occasions, but Mayweather himself was supposed to say that he would not face the legendary Filipino ever again. In the meantime, he has already managed to end his professional career.

Floyd Mayweather - Millions of dollars and a huge luxury
source: https://www.thesun.co.uk

He returned to the ring from a sports retirement due to a fight with MMA legend Conor McGregor. Again, it was a very publicized match which reached the 10th round. The Irish fighter finally lost to a hard blow from the boxing champion and the match ended with a technical KO. Conor McGregor eventually became the 50th prey of the unstoppable Floyd Maywather (50: 0).

Millions of dollars and a huge luxury

Pretty Boy’s professional boxing career was accompanied by millions of dollars, eccentric style and immense luxury. He is known for pampering his children with expensive gifts and turning his property into a collection of diamond watches or jewellery.

He also spends thousands of dollars a year on underwear. He is known to use it only once and then throw it away. Furthermore, he also likes to present his ostentatious lifestyle on Instagram. However, according to some sources coming from his relatives, he tends to support charity by stealth.

Among other activities, he for example offered to pay for the funeral of the late African-American George Floyd who died after an inappropriate police intervention. He is coming back from his sports pension again in 2021, when he will have an exhibition match with YouTuber Logan Paul.

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