Flex Wheeler - legenda, ktorú nezlomila autonehoda, choroba obličiek ani čiastočná amputácia nohy

Flex Wheeler – a Bodybuilding Legend Who Didn’t Break Down After a Kidney Disease or Leg Amputation

In the world of bodybuilding, only few people don’t know this legendary name – Flex Wheeler. The king of many competitions who was destroying all his competitors in the 90s. He has won the Arnold Classic four times, and even Schwarzenegger himself said that he considers him one of the greatest bodybuilders the world has ever seen. However, a member of the IFBB Hall of Fame also has dozens of other titles from championships and competitions, such as Ironman and Grand Prix.

Complicated path of a bullied boy

Despite the success, the path to the top was really complicated for Flex Wheeler. He grew up at a time when poverty was everywhere in the United States. His family wasn’t an exception. They even bullied him. During his school days, he was diagnosed with dyslexia, because of which he had to face the ridicule of his classmates and he even thought of suicide. The turning point came when life circumstances led him to martial arts. From there he was just a step away from bodybuilding, which literally captivated him.

However, even the success did not end his suffering in life, and Flex still had to overcome many difficult obstacles. During his greatest glory, he just about survived a car accident, after which, according to doctors, he was to remain paralysed for life. However, months of convalescence put him back on the podium, crushing his opponents once again.

Everybody goes through problems in life. Everybody’s had their challenges. My challenges are no different than anyone else,” Wheeler said. I’m definitely not Superman. That goes to Shaq (O’Neal). But what I’ve really tried to learn through this process is accepting what I can’t change and change what I can’t accept, and just let that be that.” – Flex Wheeler

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Unbreakable and respected by legends

Even the star Ronnie Coleman respected him very much and considered him to be his best opponent. Even after the car accident, however, Flex Wheeler’s career wasn’t a walk in the park. After being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, he fell into severe depression. He began to lose muscle mass, the sponsors turned his back on him and that wasn’t all.

Today, Flex Wheeler is in his fifties and continues to fight with his illness. In 2019, he underwent urgent surgery, which led to a partial amputation of his leg. He also documents the course of his treatment on Instagram, where he shared, among other things, a video of him doing leg press with a partial leg prosthesis and slowly returning to bodybuilding. At the same time, he is the face of his own brand of luxury workout shoes. The life of Flex Wheeler is a perfect example of how strong a real warrior’s heart can be.


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