11 rules of gym etiquette that no one will tell you about

Gym can sometimes appear as scary, mostly for people who are about to begin with exercising. They often ask in their heads “What if I’ll do anything wrong?” or they are scared that they will get into an awkward situation. You should avoid these thoughts and give your time to something that you really want to achieve. Don’t forget that even the most famous bodybuilders were beginners once. To make it easier, we prepared several rules you should respect in the gym. The key to success is to respect these 11 rules, thanks to which you will avoid the unpleasant feeling in the gym. Let’s get to work!

11 rules of gym etiquette that no one will tell you about.

1. No curls in the squat rack

This rule is the target by many jokes but we are sure that you often encounter on people that use the stand for the squats for lifting. Why should we avoid this habit? You should always presume that someone wants to use the equipment that you are using.  Have respect for other people in the gym and use the equipment that is designed for the exercise you are practicing. Since the stand for squat is used by fewer people now, there still can be found someone who likes to use it.

No curls in the squat rack

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2. Have respect to the weights

Let’s admit it, weights are pieces of iron. Sometimes the barbells are coated by rubber but it doesn’t change the fact that always you lift the barbell in gym, you borrow someone’s belongings. Yes, they all get old and used up also that big metallic barbells which look undestroyable. The way you respect and care of someone else’s things in life, that way you should care of barbells and weights in gym which serve to you for achieving your aims.

11 gym etiquette rules - Have respect to the weights

3. Focus on yourself

Gym can be very stressful for some people, so the last thing the beginner needs is experienced veteran offering unasked and doubtful advices. Advices in this room should be given only by trainers. There is one exception though – in case that someone is about to hurt themself or someone else. For example, when some beginner is about to do deadlift with bent back the way such as by the computer. In this case, the better alternative is “beaten” ego than damaged spinal canal.

11 rules of gym etiquette - mind your business

4. Do not drop the weights

If you throw the weights with crash after the series, everyone in gym thinks that you have no respect to gym’s property (rule #2) or you are not strong enough to put the weights you are using. Do not get us wrong, there are cases in which there is necessary to throw the weights. For example, in Olympic Games when weightlifting, there are rubber counter crash covers – in this case, it is absolutely fine to do it. After all, when lifting something this heavy, the most secure way to get in on the ground is to throw it. But the etiquette calls for doing it only once.

11 gym etiquette rules - do not drop the weight

The next exception can be in the case when during the deadlift you are using barbell. During the most difficult phase of the exercise, when putting the weights back on the ground, the hucklebone is weighted the most. In this case, there is better to throw barbell a little, rather than trying to control it. Both above mentioned cases don’t mean that we should let the barbells to roll down on the ground after the fall.

5. Lay down your yoga mat with care

Did it happen to you that you were laying down on the pad and suddenly someone else appeared and threw his pad right next to you as it was bedsheet? If yes, you also experienced that immediately the dust whirled up and in this moment, it is not very pleasant to exercise. That is why you should be more careful and respect the space of other people.

11 gym etiquette etiquette - lay down yoga mat with care

6. Always put the equipment on its place after using it

If you are strong enough to lift the weight, you are strong enough to put it on the place where it originally was. Always place the equipment on its place because it might stand in the way of someone else and because other people might enjoy working out with it.

Always put the equipment on its place after using it

7. Do not stare at anyone

The way men can notice, women can notice too that there is good looking man working out near them. Space for flirt or talk is better to leave outside gym. For many people, such watching during work out is unpleasant. The same way goes to the case when you see someone who is less fit than you are. Instead of scornful watching, send that person your smile. You can’t even know how much of courage that person must have gained to get into the gym.

11 gym etiquette etiquette - do not stare

8. Do not disturb people during a workout 

When you have looked at the equipment someone else is working on, always wait until he is done with the actual serie and after that, you can ask how much he has left. You wouldn’t like it either when someone disturbs you in the middle of the work out You should also know that person can hurt himself when disturbing him.

11 gym etiquette etiquette - do not disturb

9. Always take the towel

This rule should be a matter of course. Yes, everyone sweats in the gym but that doesn’t mean that we have to lay down on the sweaty bench someone had left this way. Use towel as a pad or wipe the bench after yourself. There are paper towels available in almost every gym. Since you can’t get rid of bacteria and viruses this way but it is a good habit. It is such as brushing teeth or fastening seatbelt in the car – it should be automatic habit you don’t even perceive. 

11 gym etiquette etiquette - always use the towel

10. Leave your phone in the locker

As long as you aren’t listening to music on the phone, you don’t need it! There is time for calls later and the gym should mean to you time to relax and escape from the reality. Social medias and mails can wait too.

11 gym etiquette etiquette - keep phone in the locker

11. Leave your ego at the door

This rule is the most important of all. Each of us comes from a different background. You can be an Ironman, Weightlifter, Runner or Yoga Teacher. You can be super fit or not. You may be a little overweight, and you mustered up the courage to walk into the gym and try turning your life around. No matter who we are before we step into the gym, we are equal. We all try to improve and want to become healthier and happier people. If you want to help someone, the next time you go to workout, just smile or say something motivational. Simple “good work!” Can really start and inspire a person to return to the gym tomorrow. So treat everyone as you expect them to treat you.

Leave your ego at the door - 11 gym etiquette rules

These 11 rules of etiquette in gym should be a matter of course for everyone who goes to the gym. Observe these rules and you will see that you feel better while working out and not only, but other.

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