10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

Deadlift is an inherent part of hard training, that is not overlooked even by David Robson, a bodybuilder, personal trainer and contributor to fitness magazines. He says: “According to my experience and the results I have witnessed, a properly executed deadlift will build unrivalled muscle mass while strengthening all muscle groups.” Many consider squatting to be the most effective exercise because it contributes to increased strength and muscle mass growth, but David Robinson is of the opinion that deadlift can work out the upper and lower parts of the body like no other movement.

Deadlift is done simply by grabbing the weight bar and lifting it with the elbows leveled, the back outstretched, and the knee bend as you can see in the video:

However, it has many benefits and advantages that you may not have known. Let’s take a look at its unique benefits:

1.  Deadlift contributes to fat burning

Alwyn Cosgrove, a personal trainer and author of many fitness articles, recently wrote about a study in which observed respondents were divided into three groups: the first group on a diet, the second on a cardiovascular diet, and the third on diet, cardio and strength training.

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

The group who was on a diet lost weight on average 6 kilograms over 12 weeks. The cardio group lost less than 7 kilograms (they had training three times a week for 50 minutes). The third group lost on average almost 10 kilograms (44% and 35% more than the diet and cardio groups). So by lifting weights, the third group burned more fat than holding a diet or a combination of cardio workout and diet. Obviously, lifting weights will help you burn fat more efficiently, and in addition you will shape your muscles.

2. Improves posture of the body

“Deadlift increases your strength and contributes to the stability of your entire body,” says Robson. It also aims to strengthen muscles and improve overall posture. It has a positive effect on the back, strengthens it and ensures its stability.

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3. Engages multiple muscle groups at once

It involves more muscles than any other exercise, including squatting. It connects all major muscle groups. If you should only do one exercise, do the deadlift. It works with your lower and upper body, including exercising the muscles on your back.

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

4. Increases the power that you will also use outside the gym

If you do other strength exercises, such as bench press, you do nothing of what you do in real life. We assume that you are not just lying on your back and lifting anything into the air. Deadlift, on the other hand, builds the muscles you need to do whatever it takes, whether it’s moving furniture, moving or carrying heavy shopping bags.

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

5. It’s one of the safest exercises 

Deadlift is one of the safest exercises you can perform. Of course, this must also be done with the right technique. However, you are not at risk of falling dumbbell on you during the exercise. However, if you run into trouble and you are out of your breath, you simply drop the dumbbell. Even if you make noise, it is essential that you do not hurt yourself. This is why the sparring partner is not necessary for this exercise. Of course, if you have someone who motivates you to perform better during your training, feel free to do the deadlift in his presence.

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

6. It builds the power of the hands

Deadlifts are known to build a huge amount of power, even in your grip. This is because your fingers are part of the heavy lifting process. The forearm must work incredibly hard, and if you proceed by lifting a heavy (but correct) weight, your strength will increase.

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

7. Increases hormone levels

However, these are not hormones that will distract you emotionally and will slash you down. By doing 8 to 10 repetitions of deadlift, you can help increase testosterone levels as well as the levels of growth hormone produced in your body. Testosterone increases muscle mass and aids in muscle repair, while growth hormone, which is produced in the pituitary gland, promotes tissue healing, muscle mass growth and fat burning.

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

8. It is financially undemanding

Many exercises require a lot of overpriced equipment, accessories, sports shoes or clothing. But this does not apply to deadlifts. You need a rod and a few weights (depending on how much you can lift). Then just lift up, lay down and you’re done. Of course, do not forget to learn the right technique first.

9. It will improve your fitness

Believe it or not, but if you do 10 repetitions of deadlifts, your cardiovascular fitness will increase. However, you do not need to exaggerate, and as with other exercises, you should only repeat the exercises while you are in control of your power.

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

10. It prevents injuries

Deadlift can prevent injuries just by increasing the strength of your muscles around critical tendons and ligaments. Strengthening joints with strong muscles is essential in preventing injuries, especially in hamstrings and in the lower back.

10 benefits, because of which you have to make a deadlift

If you are still considering whether a deadlift is the right exercise for you, try it without demanding and heavy weights. Over time, you can add weights, so your strength will grow hand in hand.

If you are a gentle sex, you know that you don’t have to worry about the massive masculinity for which most women refuse to do strength exercises. Your body will clearly benefit from this exercise, improve your posture and help your spine.

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