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Home Workout from manufacturer Spokey is a category where you will find everything you need to effectively exercise and regenerate your entire body at home. For those focused on maximum muscle and strength growth, there's equipment for strength training enthusiasts. But fear not, yoga and Pilates practitioners will also find the necessary gear for their activities. The home workout equipment is also suitable for endurance athletes looking to improve their fitness, speed, and explosive strength to excel in competitions and achieve victory. Therefore, you just need to choose products from different subcategories that are relevant to your sports activities.

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  • Skipping ropes are ideal for warming up before exercising, as well as for endurance training or HIIT, which will improve your fitness level and help burn a significant number of calories, aiding in weight loss. Also, if you don't feel like tracking time or counting jumps, you can also opt for the smart version, which will do it for you.
  • Resistance bands, also known as exercise bands, will help effectively strengthen all muscle groups and make home and gym workouts more challenging or easier. They are easily combined with expanders.
  • Fit balls & balance pads rank among home workout equipment that helps improve overall stability, balance, and body posture. They are great for strength training, relaxation, and stretching the entire body.
  • Massage rollers, whether classic or vibrating, are used for self-massage, relaxation, improving the range of motion, and muscle recovery after a workout or at any time. They can also promote blood flow in the massaged areas, which is beneficial before physical performance.
  • Exercise mats are used in Pilates, yoga, strength training, massage, stretching, or meditation.
  • Weights provide additional resistance for more challenging workouts. They are useful for building strength and muscle mass. Examples include weighted vests, kettlebells, sandbags, and other equipment.
  • Barbells & dumbbells are a "must-have" for every strength-training athlete. Simply choose the traditional or adjustable dumbbells or a barbell with weight plates according to your abilities, and you can get down to training right away.
  • Suspension trainers can be used for both home and outdoor workouts. Their portability is a significant advantage, as you can easily pack them for travel and have a full-body workout anytime you feel like it.
  • Pull-up bars & parallel bars are particularly popular among outdoor workout enthusiasts. This equipment helps improve their skills even from the comfort of their home.
  • Yoga & Pilates activities just can't do without exercise mats (yoga mats, foam mats), resistance bands, balance props, and other accessories. They help facilitate body and mind relaxation and support recovery.
  • Smart exercise equipment features innovative fitness accessories for home workouts that can make exercising more enjoyable and turn it up a notch. It also includes multi-functional tools for post-workout recovery and smart scales that track the progress towards your goals.
  • Power racks & stands allow you to incorporate dozens of new full-body exercises into your workout routine. If you already have dumbbells at home, these metal companions are the next step in expanding your home gym equipment.
  • And if you feel that none of the aforementioned categories have the equipment you need, try checking out the category with other home workout accessories. There, you'll find items such as grip strengtheners, bicep isolators, or resistance parachutes for running speed training.

Home workouts can also help you achieve excellent results, and home workout equipment can effectively assist you in that. If you're not sure which one will be ideal for you, you can draw inspiration from our article: Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Gym

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  1. Posilňovacia guma Cross band POWER II 20-30 kg Blue - Spokey
    Fitness Cross Band POWER II 20-30 kg Blue - Spokey
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  2. Pás na cvičenie jógy Yoga Tape - Spokey
    Yoga Tape Exercise Strap - Spokey
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  3. Cross band POWER II  25-40 kg Grey - Spokey
    Cross band POWER II 25-40 kg Grey - Spokey
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  4. Doorway Pull up bar RELEVER 1 62-100 cm - Spokey
    Doorway Pull up bar RELEVER 1 62-100 cm - Spokey
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  5. Exercise Mat Lightmat II 4mm Black - Spokey
  6. Gymnastic Ball LOVA green 45 cm - Spokey
  7. Exercise Mat Scrab Rose Eko Yoga - Spokey
  8. Exercise Mat Nico Eko Yoga - Spokey
  9. Lightmat II 6mm Turquoise - Spokey
    Lightmat II 6mm Turquoise - Spokey
    20 % (2)
  10. Exercise Mat Duo Double-sided - Spokey
    Duo Double-Sided Exercise Mat - Spokey
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  11. SWAY
  12. Resistance band Heavy RIBBON lll orange - Spokey
    RIBBON lll Heavy Resistance Band Orange - Spokey
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  13. Resistance band Hard RIBBON ll Blue - Spokey
    Out of stock
    RIBBON ll Blue Hard Resistance Band - Spokey
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  14. Cross band POWER II  15-23 kg Red - Spokey
    Out of stock
    POWER II Fitness Cross Band 15-23 kg Red - Spokey
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  15. Excercise Puzzle Mat SCRAB - Spokey
    Out of stock
    SCRAB Exercise Puzzle Mat Blue - Spokey
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  16. Wrist and Ankle weights COM FORM IV 2 x 1kg Green - Spokey
    Out of stock
    Wrist weight COM FORM IV 2 x 1kg Green - Spokey
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  17. Wrist and Ankle weights COM FORM IV 2 x 1.5kg Blue - Spokey
    Out of stock
    COM FORM IV Wrist Weights 2 x 1.5 kg Blue - Spokey
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  18. Resistance Band POWER LIGHT 11-19kg - Spokey
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  19. Weighted Jump Rope PUMP PRO 2 x 130g - Spokey
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  20. Fitness rubber RIBBON III - Spokey
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  21. Resistance band Light RIBBON lll light grey - Spokey
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  22. Resistance band Medium RIBBON lll dark grey - Spokey
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    RIBBON lll Medium Resistance Band Dark Grey - Spokey
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  23. Gym Platform SWING - Spokey
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  24. Ab Wheel double TWIN B II - Spokey
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