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POWER LIGHT Resistance Band is a practical tool to target each muscle. This closed loop resistance band is made of flexible, durable material and will allow you to adjust the intensity of your exercise. It is suitable for home full-body workouts, or as an addition to the gym, for example, when learning how to do pull-ups.

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POWER LIGHT Resistance Band is a great tool for training at home, in the gym and on the street workout park

POWER LIGHT Resistance Band is a closed loop resistance band, which will be a great companion for your workout at home, on the street workout park, in the gym, as well as during yoga or stretching. It consists of flexible and durable material, which makes it able to withstand even excessive loads. This practical universal resistance band will allow you to exercise each muscle part. With its help, you can easily put together an effective full-body workout. It is perfect for anyone as it allows adjusting the difficulty of the exercises and the load.


The resistance band is an ideal tool for home workouts, which can partially replace dumbbells. Plus, if you combine it with resistance bands with different resistance, you can put together a truly varied workout that will strengthen both your stronger and weaker parts. You can exercise your upper body, for example, by performing a standing fly with a resistance band or overhead press. You can engage your back muscles during bent over or seated rows. If you wrap the resistance band around your ankle and attach the other end to an anchor or something secure, you can even try exercises such as leg extension or hamstring curl. This way you will strengthen your thigh muscles.


This resistance band is also useful as an addition to the gym or the street workout park, for example, for pull-ups. The resistance band will make it easier for you to pull up even if you can't do it without assistance. You can also use the resistance band for stretching and yoga, for example, to train flexibility or a greater range of motion.


POWER LIGHT Resistance Band & its benefits

  • closed loop resistance band
  • made from flexible and durable material
  • allows you to adjust the difficulty of the exercises
  • effectively targets each muscle group
  • suitable for home or gym workouts
  • suitable for stretching and yoga






Length 208 cm
Width 15 cm
Thickness 0.45 mm
Resistance 11-19 kg
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