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Rose Eko Yoga Exercise Mat will give your yoga and stretching sessions an entire new dimension. It is equipped with special massage protrusions that serve to massage your feet, back and other body parts. The mat is also great for training balance and coordination. It is made from a special material that's one quarter composed of natural raw materials (rice husks and bamboo).

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Rose Eko Yoga Exercise Mat with protrusions is ideal for coordination training

Rose Eko Yoga Exercise Mat will bring a breath of fresh air into your yoga and stretching sessions. Its textured surface consisting of protrusions intended for massaging your feet, back, and other body parts, increasing their blood circulation. The mat is ideal for performing balance exercises, which activate the muscles and ligaments of your lower extremities as well as of the deep core for stability. This is why the mat is a popular choice for physical therapy and for use in trainings that focus on coordination and lowering the overall risks of injury. 


Rose Eko Yoga Exercise Mat is made from a special material, which combines  75 % polyethylene foam (EVA) and 25 % of natural raw materials (rice husks and bamboo). This material makes it light, durable and pleasant to touch. It boasts great anti-slip properties, and is easy to roll up so that it is easy to store and carry around wherever you go.  


Rose Eko Yoga Exercise Mat & its advantages

  • a practical exercise accessory
  • equipped with massage bumps
  • made from polyethylene foam (EVA) and natural raw materials (rice husks and bamboo)
  • OK-biobased certificate
  • anti-slip material
  • easy to roll up
  • ideal for yoga, stretching and coordination training



75 % EVA foam, 25 % natural raw materials (rice husks and bamboo).     



46x30x1.6 cm.



Let the mat air out for about 2 to 3 days before putting it to use. Clean with a damp cloth using cold water and a gentle detergent. Dry straightened out. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can drain the mat of its colour and damage its structure, rendering it not suitable for use.

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