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RIBBON III Resistance Band Set contains 3 resistance bands with different levels of resistance. In this way, they are perfect to exercise each muscle group and you can easily adapt the resistance according to your strength level. In addition, the resistance bands are very versatile and you can use them for both home or gym workouts, yoga, pilates or rehabilitation exercises.

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RIBBON III Resistance Band Set offers 3 resistance bands with different levels of resistance, perfect for home, gym workouts, or yoga

RIBBON III Resistance Band Set includes 3 resistance bands with different levels of resistance. Each of the resistance bands has a different colour, so you can easily find the right one for your exercise. Thanks to the combination of three levels of resistance, you can put together your own full-body workout and exercise each muscle group. At the same time, you have the opportunity to choose the resistance band that suits your strength level.


The resistance bands are made of durable, yet flexible material that can handle even the most demanding exercises. They will help you liven up your workouts and allow you to change the difficulty of the exercises. Even a resistance band workout can help you move forward and work on increasing your strength and performance.


The resistance bands make for a great accessory for your home workouts as you can use them to target your back, shoulders or even the lower part of your body. For example, you can do an overhead press, shoulder press or biceps curls. You can also use resistance bands for gym workouts for various additional ab exercises, for example. They are also suitable for yoga, pilates or rehabilitation exercises. They are ideal for chest fly, standing or seated rows and many other exercises.


RIBBON III Resistance Band Set & its advantages

  • set of 3 resistance bands with different levels of resistance
  • different colours for resistance levels
  • made from a durable and flexible material
  • easy to adjust to your strength level
  • versatile and can be used for numerous exercises
  • you can effectively exercise each muscle group
  • suitable for home workouts
  • you can use them for the gym, yoga, pilates or rehabilitation exercises






Resistance band colour Length Width Thickness Resistance
Orange 225 cm 15 cm 0.55 mm 17 kg
Dark grey 225 cm 15 cm 0.45 mm 12 kg
Light grey 225 cm 15 cm 0.35 mm 7 kg
Product detail
EAN 5902693298878
HS code 95069190: --- Ostatné
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, 04001 Slovakia
Netto weight 0.44 kg
Number of pieces per package 1 pc.
Brutto weight 0.44 kg
Length 16.50 cm
Width 13.00 cm
Height 3.50 cm
Made in EU
Legal category of the product accessories
Main category Resistance Bands & Expanders
Other categories Products
Workout Accessories
Fitness & Exercise Equipment
Home Workout


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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