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LOVA Gymnastic Ball will playfully spice up your workout and engage each muscle group. It helps strengthen muscles, improve coordination and balance or it can be used for rehabilitation exercises. Its unique peanut shape offers greater stability, making it suitable for beginners.

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LOVA Gymnastic Ball features a unique peanut shape and offers greater stability, making it perfect for beginners

LOVA Gymnastic Ball is designed to help improve balance, coordination, posture as well as strengthen all muscle groups. It can also be used for home workouts, rehabilitation exercises, pilates or yoga. The fitness ball features a peanut shape, which offers greater stability and the ball moves only in one direction, back and forth. This makes it a great alternative to classic round fitness balls as it is suitable for beginners or anyone regardless of current fitness level or age. 


You can use a fitness ball for a wide range of exercises such as crunches, plank, push-ups, glute bridge, squats or any yoga poses. Furthermore, the gymnastic ball is also a good choice for people with sedentary jobs as it makes for an alternative sitting option. 


LOVA Gymnastic Ball is made from durable PVC material and, when inflated, measures approximately 90 x 45 cm. The product comes with an inflation pump.


LOVA Gymnastic Ball & its benefits

  • peanut-shaped fitness ball that offers better stability
  • helps improve balance, coordination and posture
  • helps strengthen all muscle groups
  • suitable for rehabilitation, pilates and yoga
  • perfect for home workouts
  • suitable for beginners






Length Diameter Weight Weight capacity
90 cm 45 cm 1.2 kg 300 kg
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