Doorway Pull up bar RELEVER 1 62-100 cm - Spokey


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Doorway pull-up bar RELEVER 1 is a versatile home training tool. It is made of high quality material and covered with foam for a comfortable grip. It is suitable for training the back, abdomen or hand muscles.

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Doorway pull-up bar for home workout including more than just pull-ups 

Doorway pull-up bar RELEVER 1 is a versatile tool for exercising the whole body in a home environment. The bar is made of chromed steel, covered with foam along its entire length and can be adjusted from 62 to 100 cm. For safety measures, it is necessary to drill the pull-up bar into the door using the screws and rubber washers that are included in the package. Place it in the door to the desired size by turning both ends of the pull-up bar.

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