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Flour from manufacturer VanaVita is a category that contains cereal, nut and other types of flour. You can also choose from other varieties that are high in fibre content in addition to their delicious taste. However, you will also happen upon flours that are high in protein or gluten-free. This means that even the fans of low-carb or paleo diets or people who avoid gluten will find something to their liking. 

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Each flour is made from a different ingredient and goes through a slightly different processing method. Therefore, each flour boasts various properties. This also means that it has its own use in the kitchen. Some flours are more suitable for baking bread, others for preparing crunchy biscuits packed with fibre, and then there are flours that are perfect for making fluffy dough

In addition to the fact that flours vary according to the ingredient they are made of, we can divide them according to the coarseness of the grind into fine, semi-coarse or coarse flour.  

Which flours can you find in this category? 

Classic cereal flours 

  • Rye flour ranks among the denser types, so it is especially ideal for the preparation of bakery goods, such as bread. It is high in fibre content and fits perfectly into a healthy diet.  
  • Spelt flour is one of the most popular flours due to its typical nutty taste. This makes it great for preparing healthy desserts, pastries and thickening sauces. Wholegrain spelt flour boasts a high fibre content.  

Alternative gluten-free flours 

  • Coconut flour is a finely ground powder made from nutritious coconut meat and is naturally gluten-free. It has a high content of protein and a specific taste and smell. What's more, you don't need to treat it with heat, so it can be used, for example, even in the preparation of no-bake bars and desserts.  
  • Flaxseed flour has a high content of both fibre and protein. This makes it an ideal ingredient for preparing fitness recipes. Due to its low content of carbohydrates, it is also suitable for the fans of low-carb and paleo diets. Moreover, it is naturally gluten-free.  
  • Tapioca flour is also a gluten-free alternative. It is starch obtained from the roots of cassava, which has a low content of fat and a high proportion of carbohydrates. It has a fairly neutral taste, which makes it useful for both baking and thickening dishes. 
  • Nut flour is made from nuts. The most popular types include almond, hazelnut and walnut flours. These flours are typically defatted during processing in order for them to obtain a more favourable caloric content and proportion of individual macronutrients. They also often boast a high content of other beneficial vitamins and minerals that are naturally found in nuts.   
  • Rice flour is another popular gluten-free alternative to the traditional wheat flour. It is well-digestible and great for preparing desserts.   
  • Green banana flour is gluten-free, and made by both drying and grinding green bananas. It boasts a high percentage of fibre and is great for preparing sweet and salty dishes.  
  • Buckwheat flour is made from finely ground buckwheat groats. It is naturally gluten-free and stands out with its delicious taste.  

How to use flour? 

Flour is one of the basic ingredients that should not be missing in any kitchen. 

  • It is suitable for preparing baked desserts. 
  • Some types of flour can even be used to prepare no-bake sweet delicacies. 
  • Flour can also help thicken sauces. 
  • It is an important part of all recipes for fluffy buns, rolls and other bakery goods.
  • It is also the main ingredient for the preparation of traditional bread. 

Since there are countless types of flour, everyone will find something to their liking. If you want to learn more about the different types of flour, you should definitely check out our article: Flours – Their Differences, Use, Nutritional Values and Benefits

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