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Fitness & Exercise Equipment from manufacturer MADMAX is a category that offers a diverse range of workout accessories that will definitely come in handy to both professional and recreational athletes, as well as individuals who focus on a healthy lifestyle. Within this category, you will discover an array of equipment designed specifically for gym workouts, such as weightlifting belts, support wraps, weightlifting gloves or lifting straps and grips. Additionally, you'll find practical items like a phone holder and the hydro belt, which can be utilized during activities like running or hiking. A shaker or a sports bottle to ensure proper fluid intake, as well as a towel for wiping away sweat, is also must-have equipment in the gym bag of every athlete. Moreover, the category encompasses useful products like fit balls, resistance bands, and mats tailored for activities such as yoga or Pilates.  

What fitness and exercise equipment can you find in this category?

If you engage in rigorous exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and other demanding workouts at the gym, or if you participate in weightlifting, powerlifting, or crossfit, a weightlifting belt can be incredibly beneficial. It helps strengthen the core, providing support for executing the proper technique of an exercise while minimizing the risk of injuries. In the end, this allows you to lift heavier weights. Additionally, lifting straps are another valuable accessory that can assist you in this endeavour. By securing them around your wrists and then wrapping them around the bar, you can alleviate strain on your forearms, particularly while performing deadlifts. These straps enhance your grip strength, allowing you to lift heavier weights with greater stability.


In addition to the aforementioned fitness equipment, weightlifting gloves are recommended to safeguard your hands from blisters and abrasions when using exercise machines, bars, or dumbbells. However, if you prefer the tactile experience of direct contact with the weights, chalk can be the go-to choice instead. Chalk effectively absorbs sweat, preventing the bar or weights from slipping out of your grasp. Moreover, for added support during strength training, consider using elbow, knee, or wrist wraps.  These wraps are valuable in stabilizing and fixating the joints, allowing for safer and more effective workouts. 


Within this category, you will also find various equipment that can enhance your yoga, Pilates, or rehabilitation sessions. Exercise mats are essential, providing a comfortable and supportive surface for performing yoga asanas or engaging in stretching exercises. Additionally, items like massage rollers, the Relaxation & Back Massage Pad or a fit ball can be beneficial for these activities as well. 


It's crucial to remember to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially during your favourite activities. Whether you're working out at home or training at the gym, shakers will definitely come in handy. They will allow you to easily prepare BCAAs or creatine, as well as post-workout protein shakes. Sports bottles are then an excellent choice for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, cycling, running or others. Consider the sleek Stellar Bottle or the Eco Bamboo thermos bottle to take care of your fluid intake throughout the day. When it comes to food preparation, food containers are the obvious choice, while practical pill organizers or measuring cups make it easier to handle dietary supplements. 


When engaging in sports activities, it's also no less important to remember to bring along a towel. In the gym, a towel serves multiple purposes. It not only helps in wiping away sweat, but also acts as a hygienic barrier when using exercise machines or yoga mats. Moreover, it comes in handy after a shower, allowing you to effectively dry your body. 


Treat yourself to effective fitness and exercise equipment from this category and speed up your progress in achieving your healthy lifestyle goals. If you want to learn more about fitness and exercise equipment, you should not miss our article: Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Gym.

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