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Ronnie Fitness Belt is a quality leather belt designed for training, made of flexible split leather. It's finished with two huge thorns. It's strong, durable and has double stitching which ensures its longe life. Let it be your sparring partner on the way to your success!

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Ronnie Fitness Belt will be your gym partner for many years

Ronnie Fitness Belt is a great quality leather belt for training made of flexible split leather. Its internal side is anatomically padded with foam, which is coated with a very fine layer of leather. This strong and durable belt has double stitching and is finished with a massive buckle with two thorns, and its price is unbeatable for its characteristics. It is suitable for all power sports.


Thanks to high-quality material from which the belt is made of, it has the longest life compared with other types of belts. Let Ronnie belt to be your gym partner in pursuit of your goals for many years! 


Fitness belt Ronnie


Ronnie Fitness Belt & its benefits

  • Made of flexible split leather
  • Durable and solid belt
  • The inside of the anatomically padded foam, which is coated with fine leather layer
  • Double top stitching
  • Ending with a massive buckle with two thorns
  • Unbeatable price
  • Long life

Size Chart

Dimension of the belt:

SizeWidth (max.)Length
XS 10 cm 90 cm
S 10 cm 96 cm
M 10 cm 102 cm
L 10 cm 114 cm
XL 10 cm 121 cm
XXL 10 cm 126 cm


Find in the table your waistline:

57 - 76 cm 63 - 82 cm 75 - 93 cm 87 - 106 cm 93 - 113 cm 98 - 118 cm
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