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Baby Pink Yoga Mat is a piece of equipment that will please not only yogis. Thanks to the TPE material, it is very comfortable, soft, and also non-slippery, which you will appreciate especially when practising the most challenging asanas. Nonetheless, it will also serve you well for stretching, Pilates, or home strength workout.

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Baby Pink Yoga Mat - soft and non-slippery exercise mat for yoga, Pilates, or home strength workout

Baby Pink Yoga Mat is a must-have for every yogi and all women who spend time stretching, doing Pilates, or strength workout. It measures 183 x 61 x 1 cm, which provides enough space for exercise. The used TPE material is also practical and is prized for its softness and soft non-slippery surface, which you will especially appreciate during challenging asanas postures. 


You can easily roll it up and carry or clean it wherever you need. Thanks to that, you do not have to worry that Yoga Mat will take too much space, and it will become a great fitness tool, without which you will no longer be able to imagine your home workout.


Baby Pink Yoga Mat & its benefits

  • exercise mat for yoga, Pilates, stretching, and strength training 
  • measures 183 x 61 x 1 cm 
  • made of TPE material 
  • not slippery, soft and comfortable
  • can be rolled up and is easy to carry



Proper care helps keep the mat in its intended shape and maintains its long service life and cleanness. Before storing it away, roll the yoga mat up so that its top side (the one used for exercise) points outwards. Keep in mind not to roll it up too tight, to avoid squishing it. Once your mat is rolled up, secure it with straps, and store it in a vertical position. This will help prevent unwanted curling. Before you store the mat away, always make sure it is clean and dry.

If it is not, let it dry off on air before rolling it up. The mat needs to be stored in a dry place without direct sunlight. Avoid storing any heavy objects on top of the mat, as they could easily deform it. When cleaning it, use a gentle, non-abrasive detergent made for yoga mats.

Warning: The straps are not included.

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