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Arm Phone Holder is a practical fitness accessory, thanks to which you will have your mobile phone safe with you even during training or running. Your phone will be protected by a durable PVC plastic material that prevents scratches and water damage. The case has Velcro fastening, which you can easily adjust its size to your hand. In addition, you can also use it to store a locker key.

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Arm Phone Holder - keep your smartphone at hand at all times, even during training

Arm Phone Holder is a practical fitness accessory that allows you to have your mobile phone with you even during training. The pocket in which the phone is placed is protected by a durable PVC plastic material. This prevents the mobile phone from being scratched or getting water spilt on it. In addition, you can use it to store a locker key or a fitness card. You can easily adjust the size of this sports case thanks to the Velcro fastening. In addition to training, it will also serve you well while running. Suitable for mobile phones with a display smaller than 6.1 inches.


Arm Phone Holder & its benefits

  • practical sports accessory
  • ideal for phone and small items
  • protects your phone from moisture and scratches
  • has an adjustable Velcro closure
  • ideal for running, skating, cycling, hiking and other sports



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