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Ergo Sports Bottle is a highly practical accessory that will help you keep your water intake under control. It is made of durable material that doesn't absorb any aromas and flavours, which means it will never contaminate your drinks. The volume of the bottle is 600 ml. It is designed to tightly seal the contents in. The practical mouthpiece prevents any spilling when drinking, making sure using this bottle is always perfectly comfortable.

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Ergo Sports Bottle - a practical bottle with a volume of 600 ml and practical mouthpiece designed to ensure maximum comfort upon use 

Ergo Sports Bottle is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a bottle suitable for sports activities. Bring it along to your local gym, or out when cycling, running, skating or hiking. It's made of a highly durable material, has a volume of 600 ml and seals its contents in, all tight and secure, which means you'll never have to worry about spilling anything. What's more, the bottle ensures no extraneous flavours or aromas permeate into your drink. It is equipped with a highly practical mouthpiece, which makes sure drinking from it is perfectly comfortable. The Ergo Sports Bottle boasts a minimalist design decorated with a prominent GymBeam logo. You'll never lose track of your water intake again. What's more, it features a rubber grip zone to make the bottle easy to hold or grab.


Ergo Sports Bottle Black 600 ml - GymBeam


Ergo Sports Bottle & its advantages 

  • highly practical and versatile sports bottle
  • suitable for any sports activity
  • made of durable, high density polyethylene
  • volume of 600 ml
  • tight sealing
  • equipped with a mouthpiece that ensures comfortable drinking
  • minimalist design decorated with the GymBeam logo
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