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Fitness Foam Roller is a practical fitness tool for full-body self-massage, which can be easily mastered by everyone. It is made from high-quality foam and a hard hollow core. The innovative 3D massage surface makes it ideal for relaxing before and after a workout or after sitting or standing all day at work.

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Fitness Foam Roller is ideal for full-body self-massage, blood circulation, relaxation and stretching after a workout or prolonged sitting or standing at work

Fitness Foam Roller is a self-massage fitness tool, which is regularly used by athletes as well as everyone else who spends extended periods of time sitting or standing. This roller is made of a hard and hollow core. Moreover, it also features a 3D surface made from high-quality solid foam that creates ideal conditions for massaging each body part. The ridges and knobs make it ideal for massaging the so-called trigger points, which are typically 2-6 mm muscle nodules that are sensitive to palpation. Activating these trigger points can effectively alleviate muscle stiffness and tension.


The foam roller works on a simple principle. By rolling it over a specific area of your body, it enhances blood circulation to that area. This is why it is often integrated into the pre-workout routine as part of the warm-up phase, where athletes aim to prepare their bodies for performance. Moreover, it also works great after the workout, offering a combination of massage and efficient recovery, greatly appreciated by athletes with a demanding training program. This relaxing massage will also be useful for individuals who spend their workdays either sitting or standing. It is best suited for the back and leg area. Conversely, you should avoid massaging the head area and other parts of the body where massage is not appropriate, such as the joints. 


The roller offers a significant advantage in its portability and compact design, allowing you to have it readily available for a professional-quality, recovery, and relaxing massage experience.


Fitness Foam Roller & its benefits

  • practical fitness self-massage tool
  • features an innovative 3D surface made from high-quality foam
  • has ridges and knobs all over the surface
  • suitable for back or foot massage, for example
  • ideal for blood circulation to muscles before exercise
  • suitable for post-workout recovery
  • suitable for relaxing stiff muscles
  • can be used for massage after a hard working day
  • compact and easily portable



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