John Cena: One of the Biggest WWE Stars, but also a Talented Rapper and Actor

John Cena: One of the Biggest WWE Stars, but also a Talented Rapper and Actor

John Cena
Author of the photo: MTV International

John Felix Anthony Cena was born on April 22 in Massachusetts. As a child, he was very attracted to sports. This attraction was also supported by his studies at Springfield College, where he graduated with a degree in exercise physiology and body movement. He represented the school in football, as a team captain. His talent was supported by his family and many predicted a promising career for him. Nevertheless, he decided to quit football, which he justified by the fact that he was too small to succeed.

Moving to California changed his life forever

After graduating from school, John sought happiness on the other side of America. He fell for California, where he settled near the iconic Venice Beach. He worked at the local Gold’s Gym, where Arnold Schwarzenegger also spent his best years. John washed towels there to earn a living. His beginnings weren’t easy and for some time he even slept in his car due to the lack of money.

He later managed to get hired as a limousine driver. At the same time, he got fascinated by bodybuilding, but he didn’t have the best results. However, the gym changed his life forever anyway. He met a guy there who told him about Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) courses. It was the predecessor of today’s most famous wrestling organization WWE.

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Talent with a robotic fighting style and a losing debut in WWE

John Cena stood out by slow, choppy movements in the ring that resembled a robot. This also gave rise to his nickname ”Prototype”, which referred to a combination of human and robot, a cyborg. It didn’t take long for him to succeed in wrestling, and he won his first title in 2000, under the UPW organization.

It was there that Cena was spotted by representatives from his dream organization – WWE, where he signed a contract a year later. He started his first match as a substitute for a famous wrestler – The Undertaker. His opponent was the Olympic champion Kurt Angle. If you are waiting for a happy ending, you will probably be disappointed. Although John Cena dominated the match, his WWE debut ended in a loss.

Rapper, actor and one of the richest wrestlers

John Cena
Author of the photo: Krystal Bogner

Despite the unsuccessful start, WWE was a wild ride for John Cena in the coming years. He won 16 times and managed to dominate Wrestlemania four times. Since 2016, he has been one of the best paid wrestlers in the world. His total assets are estimated at $55 million.

John Cena is also known as a rapper. His album ”You Can’t See Me” even has gone platinum, and he often shows off his rap talent in the ring as well. Thirdly, he is also an actor. You could see him, for example, in the films The Marine, Legendary or Ferdinand, where he lent the voice to the main character – an animated bull. He also landed a role of moderator in the children’s show ”Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” and his latest big screen appearance was as Dominic Torret’s brother in the action series Fast & Furious 9.

5 workouts a week and 7 meals a day

John Cena’s sporting achievements are also driven by a strong will. He exercises 5 times a week and tries to focus on a different body part each day. His workouts are divided into legs and abs, chest, arms, shoulders and back. He also supports his efforts in the gym with a rich dose of nutrients.

John eats 7 protein-rich meals a day. He usually eats eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. During the day he often grabs a protein bar and his lunch consists of vegetables and any kind of meat. For dinner, he usually has some chicken with brown rice and before going to bed, he normally has a protein shake and a banana.

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