9 women’s problems in the world of fitness that no one talks about

No doubts that getting to the form is really great achievement. One day, after months or years of fighting, you’ll wake up and find out that you are looking great, feeling great and you have power you never even dreamed about. End of story, wonderland is achieved.. isn’t it?

If only! The truth is that your new amazing body and self-confidence comes with many new complications – some of them are awkward, others are funny, even sometimes both of them. Some of them happened in the gym, others in changing room and there are also those that have something to do with other people as much as with you – although they all end up as your problem. Even though, fit ladies experienced some of them, you have never heard about them because there is silence about them!

For the sake of making fitness world a better place, we are bringing these problems to light. If you have thought of some others, add them to the comment section below.

Problem #1 – Your body as a target of discussion

Show ickle definition of muscles and suddenly no one – nor men, nor women – can decide whether they admire you, whether they are disgusted or they love you. In any case, your body is a target of discussions and analyses. Most of them are flattering, even though it can sound weird sometimes. (“Damn girl, those arms!” “Thank..you?”)

Problem #1 - Your body as a target of discussion

But let’s not end up disappointed. There is always someone – so called galloots- who are very open and tell you exactly what they think of your body and of how “you won’t ever find a man when looking like a man”. Because you know, to be extremely attractive is unbeatable sense of every woman.

Strengthen, well-built sisters. Every day you are a little stronger than those who are trying to stop you from going to the gym.

Problem #2 – Clothes and dress don’t fit you

Seriously, this point is the most annoying part of being fit. There aren’t any clothes made up for women with rounded butt and narrow waist. There aren’t fit or button shirts which are big enough for biceps bigger than wrist of Kate Moss. And definitely, there are no dress made up for “bad ass” back muscles which you had built so hard.

Problem #2 - Clothes and dress don't fit you

If you are not as fit as Heidi Klum, the changing rooms can be really depressive. If you are able to find trousers which don’t gap away from the back, hat off to you. The solution of all these nonsenses can be wearing of loose singlets or leggings. You can follow this outfit choice until 80′ call back and tell that they want their outfit back.

Problem #3 – Member of the committee of small breasts

There is a reason why surgical breast augmentation is always present in women’s fitness world. If you had some breast before starting your fitness path, be ready to say goodbye to them.

Problem #3 - Member of the committee of small breasts

Small breasts have also positive side. You can wear tops with neck-line without feeling that you look like fast woman. If you have small breasts and wide back, wearing of these cute bandeau bikinis is catastrophe which is waiting for a wake up call. In reality, anything without straps is time-bomb.

If you are in this pretty mass, you have three choices: First one is to save the money for surgery, the second one is to solve it with old school stuff method from the 8th grade, or our personal favourite – come to terms with what you have.

Problem #3 - Member of the committee of small breasts

Movement “trapezes are new breasts” is alive and healthy. So grow your biceps, quadriceps and back. You have amazing new curves which can replace the lost ones.

Problem #4 – So hungry.

Although it seems to be stupid to complain about food (#firstworldproblems), to be hungry that often is annoying sometimes.

Problem #4 - So. Much. Hungry.

Feeding the muscles takes a lot energy. More you have, the more the eating is full-time work.

If you are busy or you have any lifestyle, to eat enough can be suffering. There is really nothing worse than to be stuck somewhere without food when your stomach decides that it is time to eat again. This is only recipe for quarrels, arguments and hurt feelings.

Maybe you have ever experienced competition preparing, or you are about to prepare, well, more peole will be known exactly what you think of them. So when the competition is ahead of you, you have our respect!

Problem #5 – Armpit shaving

We are not joking. Seriously. Your biceps, breasts and delta muscles are around your armpit. When these muscles are small, shaving is an easy task. When the muscles are growing, it is difficult to get there with blade.

Problem #5 - Armpit shaving

Some girls can be fit and muscular without difficulties, others can be in trouble. I think that hair-removing companies completely ignore significant marketing group: fit girls.

Problem #6 – You are passing the baton

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that you spread “good word” and help your friends and family to find the path to the fitness world. Sometimes you can feel the pressure from the community which is hand to hand with that you are in form.

Problem #6 - You are passing the baton

As if it was not difficult to stay fit, there are expectations that you will know exactly how to help others. Even crazy aunt Marta who has damaged lumbar joint, is colorblinded with one eye and is able to eat only mashed food, wants you to write a program for her which will help her to lose 5 kilograms. Good luck.

Problem #7 – Ruined hands and calluses

Barbells, single-hands, horizontal bars and other equipments of torture will ruin your hands. Oh, want to shake my hand? Well, here is this scabrous hand, grasp it. You can try to use fitness gloves which will protect your hand from the damages such as callluses, blisters and scratches.

Problem #7 - Ruined hands and calluses

We hope that you work on the place where there is regard on the calluses, half-cured cracks and chalk stains as on the professional working wear out.

Not only your palms will be looking like palms of mountain man or woodsman. Any nail polish is immediately after good deadlift gone. Recently, I have seen some instagram pictures of women who work out with beautiful nails. If you have some tips and tricks how is this possible, please let me know in the comments.

Problem #8 – Urinal problems

Women around the world, mostly after labour can have problems with uncontrolled peeing. Jumps, squats or jumps with skipping rope – this can be transformed from the exercising into horrifying experiments on your pelvis bottom.

Problem #8 - Urinal problems

You can avoid this awkward situation the way you that you will avoid exercises during which you lose control over your bladder but you have to limit your activities in the gym. If you are uselessly trying to do 100 000 kegel exercises daily outside the gym, you will maybe need fit solution for your fit problem. Put your pride aside and ask the experienced trainer or doctor what you can do with strengthening your pelvis bottom. Or put into the shorts sanitary napkin and be without fear. They are made from some reason though.

Problem #9 – Fitness crew

Ok, this is the problem which is discussed. It is also not a problem of concrete gender, but in womens fitness world you meet with it more frequently because there are less means and communities which we could attend.

If you are about to compete somewhere, you will be understanding very difficulty in industry as a sportswoman. There are many women who compete in powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, CrossFit. And this feeling is often mutual.

Problem #9 - Fitness crew

Don’t forget that there are many sportsmen who care of time, risk of wounding and expenses of competitions and they decide that it is not for them. It is not about me, or you and that is why no one should claim to these people that their hard work is useless. Because it is not.

Fitness is awesome because it is personal. The goal of person is not to be better or worse than anyone else. It is about outperforming of yourself. Instead of lowering interest of other women for something you consider as bad type of condition, be better ambassador of fitness life.

Problem #9 - Fitness crew

What are you doing now can be the exact opposite of what you will be doing in ten years, so stay open. Let’s mutually encourage ourselves to be happier and healthier people. Everyone doing something for himself and his body, has our respect and we often don’t know what he comes through.

Did you recognize yourself in some of these problems? Or would you add anything to this list? Let us know your experiences and opinions in comments. In case you like the article, support it with sharing.