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Do you need help with choosing some product? Get inspired by customers who have already tried our products. Thanks to the reviews of our customers, you have easy access to the experience of others. Here you will find the most reviewed products from the category of Other Rehabilitation Aids. The best-selling product is Kinesiology K Tape Black - GymBeam.

Other Rehabilitation Aids is a category featuring accessories that you can use for rehabilitation exercises, recovery, and convalescence after injury. For example, you can find here kinesiology tapes, which are used for fixing and stabilizing problematic areas. They are mainly used for strained or fatigued muscles or in cases of joint, tendon, or ligament issues. There are also rehabilitation bands, which are used in the flossing method. This involves tightening and subsequently releasing a selected part of the body, which results in intensive relaxation and blood flow to the limb. This effect is utilized during the recovery process after an injury or before exercising.  

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Additionally, therapeutic Hot-Cold sleeves for the knee or ankle are also available to help with addressing problems with the musculoskeletal system. These can be warmed or cooled as needed and used as a compress to support rehabilitation after an injury. There is also the Hot-Cold mask with a cooling or warming effect that can come in handy, as it provides relief for the head and eyes.

We also offer a chill tub with an in-built cooling system, ideal for anyone who wants to have an ice bath available at any time without the need to go to a river or pond. You can set the temperature of the cooling device according to your cold immersion experience level, making it suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Then in cold weather, you can indulge in a warm bath instead. The system can heat water up to 40 °C, allowing you to enjoy pleasant warmth and relaxation. It is an ideal product for anyone looking to support recovery and gain all the benefits of regular cold water immersion.

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  1. Kinesology K tape Black - GymBeam
    Kinesiology K Tape Black - GymBeam
    70 % (38)
  2. Kinesiology K Tape Orange - GymBeam
    Kinesiology K Tape Orange - GymBeam
    88 % (23)
  3. Chill Tub - GymBeam
    Chill Tub - GymBeam
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  4. Flexit Gold Gel - Nutrend
    Flexit Gold Gel - Nutrend
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  5. Namman Active cream - MUAY
    Namman Active Cream - MUAY
    100 % (3)
  6. Floss band black - GymBeam
    Floss Band Black - GymBeam
    100 % (2)
  7. Kinesology K tape Beige - GymBeam
    Kinesiology K Tape Beige - GymBeam
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  8. Conquer Neoprene Ankle Support - GymBeam
    Conquer Neoprene Ankle Support - GymBeam
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  9. Therapeutic Ankle & Foot Brace Hot-Cold - GymBeam
  10. Therapeutic Knee Brace Hot-Cold - GymBeam
  11. Therapeutic Mask Hot-Cold - GymBeam
  12. Namman Liniment Massage Oil - MUAY
  13. Namman CBD Roll-on Massage Emulsion - MUAY

13 Items