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Floss Band is an effective aid used to support regeneration and proper function of the musculoskeletal system. It can be wrapped around body parts intended for treatment, such as knees, elbows, shoulders or ankles. This leads to change in the blood flow of the muscles in the area, which can in turn reflect on improved mobility of the treated extremity. Many athletes choose this method for convalescence of weakened limbs or to prepare them for particularly intense performance.

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Floss Band - a practical aid used for improved regeneration and preparing your body for performance

Floss Band is a practical aid for everyone seeking to support their regeneration and maintain proper function of their musculoskeletal system. This elastic band is commonly used in a physical therapy technique known as flossing, which is highly sought after by both professional and recreational athletes. It is a particularly popular solution for convalescence of injuries, as well as for accelerating regeneration and boosting training performance, as it helps improve mobility of articulations and reduce pain in muscles. 


Using the floss tape is simple. Choose a body part intended for convalescence or performance preparation. This may be a shoulder, arm, elbow, knee, calf or an ankle. It is not recommended to use the band on your head, neck, back, chest or abdomen. Wrap the band tightly around the chosen body part, preferably in two layers. Tuck the loose end of the tape underneath the wrapping. As you do so, the tape will tighten and compress the body part.


Thanks to the fixation it provides, the tendons, ligaments and joints in the treated limbs are pushed into a correct position, which usually leads to their optimal function. Once wrapped, the limb can be exercised lightly. It is important to loosen up the band after at most two minutes of compression. Once loosened up, the area undergoes an intense relaxation and influx of blood, providing it with oxygen and with it important nutrients, which can result in much more effective regeneration


Floss Band is also suitable for use before a workout to prepare your muscles, joints and tendons for the performance. At the same time, it is ideal for relaxation and physical therapy of strained muscles. It can also play a role in a process of convalescence of weakened parts of the musculoskeletal system. The band is therefore highly useful for athletes such as weight lifters, crossfit athletes, runners, cyclists, footballers, and many other athletes and generally active individuals. 

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Floss Band & its advantages

  • a practical physical therapy aid
  • used for convalescence method known as flossing
  • made from latex
  • ideal for relaxing highly strained muscles
  • used in physical therapy exercise
  • ideal for use before training or anytime during the day
  • suitable for athletes



2080 x 50 x 1.3 mm




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