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Therapeutic Knee Brace Hot-Cold is a practical cooling or warming bandage. It contains gel bags that can be cooled in the freezer or heated in the microwave as required. This makes it suitable as a bandage for knee problems and brings relief. It will be thus appreciated by athletes, as well as anyone else, for example, in periods of recovery. 

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Therapeutic Knee Brace Hot-Cold with cooling or warming effect can be used as a bandage for knee problems

Therapeutic Knee Brace Hot-Cold is a practical tool for cooling or warming the lower limb. It contains gel bags, which can be cooled or heated as required. For a cooling effect, simply place the bags in the freezer for 2 hours and then insert them into the brace. Alternatively, to heat the bags, put them in the microwave for 20 seconds, they will warm up and then slide them into the pockets on the inner side of the brace. Secure the brace around your knee using the Velcro straps, then relax and enjoy the soothing sensation. The advantage of the gel bags is also that they can be reused again and again.


The brace without the gel bags is also useful for stabilizing or warming the knee. Simply wrap it around your knee and tighten it with Velcro and it will perfectly adjust to the shape of your knee. It has a universal size so it can be used by every member of your household.


Therapeutic Knee Brace Hot-Cold will be especially appreciated by people who participate in sports with a high risk of knee injuries, such as sprains or ligament injuries. These include football, basketball, volleyball, rugby players, runners, skiers, snowboarders and strength athletes. Last but not least, it's also popular with people who have long-term knee problems or had some sort of surgery and want to get back to their active lifestyles with rehabilitation and other aids. The package includes 1 piece of bandage that fits both the right and left leg.


Therapeutic Knee Brace Hot-Cold - GymBeam


Therapeutic Knee Brace Hot-Cold & its benefits

  • practical knee brace with cooling or warming effect
  • includes gel bags
  • gel bags are reusable
  • has a universal size
  • holds well on the leg thanks to Velcro
  • easy to use
  • suitable as knee bandage
  • brings relief from knee problems
  • ideal for recovery
  • can help with rehabilitation
  • suitable for strength athletes
  • suitable for football, basketball players, skiers and other athletes
  • package contains 1 bandage



Fabric: Neoprene
Gel bags: PVC, Nylon



Dimensions Length Width Weight
Fabric bandage 96 cm 25,2 cm 171 g
Gel bag 24 cm 11.2 cm 260 g



Use the brace only as specified in the enclosed manual. The gel bag should not come into direct contact with your skin as it may cause frostbite or burns. Always use the bandage as a protective layer and never use the product for more than 20 minutes.

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