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Chill Tub is the best choice for anyone who wants to take an ice bath on a regular basis. It includes a chiller on which you simply set the water temperature between 0-40 °C. This allows you to cool down even on the hottest days, or enjoy a warm bath in colder weather. It will be appreciated by cold water enthusiasts, who want to experience all the benefits of regular cold water immersion training. 

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Chill Tub with a built-in temperature control system is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to practice cold water therapy all year round

Chill Tub is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to get the benefits of cold water immersion all year round. It includes a chiller, on which you can conveniently set the desired temperature in the range of 0-40 °C. You can use it to cool down even on the hottest days. Unlike a river or pond, the temperature selection also has the advantage that you can adapt it to your current cold water immersion level. This tub is therefore suitable for beginners and advanced cold water enthusiasts. However, on colder days you can heat the water up to 40°C, and enjoy pleasant warmth and relaxation.


It is entirely up to you whether you place it inside or outside. That's because it has a stainless steel insert and is lined with high-quality hemlock thermo wood, which can withstand outdoor harsh conditions. When not in use, simply cover the tub with the isolation lid, which protects it from leaves or other debris. The ozone filtration system will then take care of keeping the water clean.


You don't even have to worry about installing this chill tub. Just place it in a location of your choice where a water and power source is available. Insert the hose connected to the water source into the inlet and start filling the tub with water. When the water is partially filled, set the desired temperature on the chiller. The flowing water in the chiller will then gradually cool or heat up. After a few minutes, the bath is ready. The bath can be accessed comfortably thanks to the prepared wooden step. Detailed operating instructions can be found in the User's Manual.


You will thus have an ice bath at your disposal at any time, without having to go far away to the river or pond. Plus, you can head straight to the warmth of your home after practising cold water immersion. It will also be appreciated by individuals who previously used cold showers and want to take their cold water immersion to the next level. However, if you are starting out with this method, it is best to lower the water temperature gradually. Increase the time spent in the bath slowly so that your body has a chance to get used to the cold.


You can start practising cold water therapy after your workout as part of your recovery, or at any time during the day when you need to wake up and refresh. Do not use it if you are sick or feeling unwell. Always keep yourself as safe as possible when practising cold water immersion.

Chill Tub & its advantages

  • a spacious chill tub with a chiller
  • the temperature can be adjusted from 0-40 °C
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • the liner is made of stainless steel
  • lined with durable hemlock thermo wood
  • has an ozone filtration system
  • can be covered with an isolation lid
  • suitable for ice or warm baths
  • ideal for year-round use
  • easily accessible thanks to a step
  • easy to install and operate
  • suitable for beginners and advanced cold water enthusiasts


Package Contents

  • chiller 1x
  • chill tub 1x
  • step 1x
  • isolation lid 1x
  • user's manual 1x



Hemlock thermo wood, stainless steel inlet, metal frame



Technical specifications  
Length (outer dimensions) 2050 mm
Width (outer dimensions) 730 mm
Height (outer dimensions) 820 mm
Volume 500 l
Capacity 1 person
Temperature setting range 0–40 °C
Filtration ozone filter
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