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K Tape or kinesiology therapeutic tape is an effective aid that serves to fix and stabilize problematic parts of the musculoskeletal system. It’s most commonly used on overstretched or strained muscles, as well as on troubled articulations. It’s perfect for applying on shoulders, back arms, abdomen, as well as legs, and easy to use. When attached properly, it adheres to the skin very well. The K Tape is particularly valuable for all athletes, professional as well as recreational. 

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K Tape - a practical therapeutic aid for fixing strained muscles, tendons or joints

K Tape or kinesiology therapeutic tape is a highly effective physical therapy tool used to address a variety of issues that can occur in the musculoskeletal system. It’s particularly useful to treat overstretched or overworked muscles, tendons, attachments or joints. It can be applied to the shoulders, back, arms, abdomen and legs. It helps fix and stabilize the treated body part, which may result in providing relief. This means it’s also suitable for use on knees or ankles, which often face common injuries such as sprains (distortions) resulting from high-impact situations in team sports.


This therapeutic cotton tape is slim but solid, and thanks to the admixture of elastane, it’s also sufficiently flexible. When applying it to the treated body part, it is crucial to follow the instructions listed below. If you follow them properly, the tape will reliably stick to the skin. Another great advantage of this tape is that it is waterproof, so that you don’t have to worry about loosening it up when swimming, bathing, or sweating intensely. It’s 5 cm wide, and a single roll provides 5 m of tape, meaning it will last you for a long time, allowing you to cut it up into smaller portions according to the size of the particular body part you need to apply it to. 


K Tape is suitable for all kinds of athletes. Whether you’re working out or hiking, having this tape with you in case of a mishap is always the right move. It’s particularly useful for all strength athletes, hikers, mountaineers, rock climbers, runners, cyclists, tennis, football, basketball or volleyball players, and other athletes in both individual or team-based sports.


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K Tape & its advantages

  • a practical therapeutic aid
  • made from cotton with an admixture of elastane
  • 5 m long, 5 cm wide
  • solid adhesion to skin
  • sturdy and flexible
  • easily withstands water - whether bathing or sweating
  • easy to use
  • suitable for use on shoulders, back, arms, abdomen or legs
  • ideal for fixing and stabilizing knee or ankle joints
  • may be used even during exercise
  • perfect for athletes of all kinds



5 m x 5 cm



95 % cotton, 5 % elastane


How to use the kinesiology therapeutic tape? 

  1. The tape needs to be applied on shaved, clean and dry skin. Never place it on damaged or irritated skin.
  2. To ensure proper adhesion of the tape, apply it at least 30 minutes before the intended exercise or sports activity. 
  3. Measure the required length of the tape against the body part you want to use it on. Keep in mind that as you apply it, the tape will stretch slightly. Cut the pre-measured part with scissors. 
  4. Once you have cut the portion of the tape you’ll be using, use scissors to cut its corners, rounding out its edges.
  5. Tear up the protective paper layer at one end, and peel the torn section off.
  6. Place the sticky end of the tape on the skin and pass through the stuck portion of the tape with your hand or fingers several times to ensure proper adhesion. The body part you’ll be applying it to should be tense.
  7. Do not touch the sticky side of the tape.
  8. Bit by bit, stretch the tape slightly towards its desired length. As you do so, peel off the protective paper layer, and stick the tape onto the skin.
  9. Carefully apply the entire length of the tape in this way. Take special care to properly stick the other end of it.
  10. Pass through the entire length of the applied tape with your hand or fingers several times, ensuring proper adhesion. 
  11. A single piece of tape should not be used for longer than 7 days. 
  12. To take it off, soak the tape in some warm water, and slowly peel it off from the skin.
  13. If your problems persist for a longer period of time, see a doctor.
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