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Oats from manufacturer Auga is a category of products that covers different types of oats. These rank among the most popular sources of complex carbohydrates, fibre, and other beneficial substances. They also boast a pleasant, slightly nutty taste and endless possibilities for their use. All of this makes them a staple in the diet of all the supporters of a healthy diet. Moreover, the balanced ratio of macronutrients and fibre makes them very filling, which is also why they are suitable for weight loss. Oats can be used in the kitchen to prepare both sweet and salty dishes. Feel free to also can grind them into flour, which works great as a base for pizza or bakery goods.

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Why are oats healthy?

Oats contain complex carbohydrates that are digested slower compared to simple sugars. The energy contained in them is therefore released gradually. On average, 100 g of oats contains 360 kcal, which makes them the ideal choice for breakfast and snacks as they will satiate you for a long time. This is also the result of their high content of fibre. As you may know, fibre is not only important for the proper functioning of digestion, but it can also increase the feeling of satiety. In addition, oats are also known for their content of beneficial substances called beta-glucans.

But that's not all, oats also stand out among cereals due to quantity and quality of plant-based proteins. In fact, oats have a more favourable amino acid spectrum compared with other types of cereals. Despite this, oats are not considered a full-fledged source of proteins, and it is advisable to combine them with other sources of protein, such as yoghurt or whey protein.

Types of oats

Our offer lets you choose from several types of oats.

  • Whole grain oats: They are also often referred to as jumbo or old-fashioned. These are traditional oats of greater coarseness and size, which take longer to cook. They will stand out perfectly in muesli, bars, or bakery goods.
  • Fine oats: These are processed into smaller and thinner pieces during production. Thanks to this, they cook faster in water or milk, and it takes but a moment to turn them into a delicious creamy porridge. To increase the protein content of your porridge, do not forget to mix in some popular whey or plant-based protein
  • Gluten-free oats: These are well suited for coeliacs, people with gluten intolerance and all those who, for whatever reason, adhere to a gluten-free diet.  
  • Instant oats: This type will let you prepare your porridge the quickest. All you need to do is just mix them with hot water or milk, which is sure to come in handy when you don't have time to spare.
  • Protein porridge: This, in addition to oats, also contains the whey protein. This will make it easier for you to prepare a full-fledged breakfast or brunch.
  • Mixture of flakes: These include rice, rye, barley and other types of flakes in addition to oats. They combine the advantages of all types of flakes and boast a more varied taste.

How to use oats in the kitchen?

Oats give you many possibilities to easily include them in your diet every day.

  • You can add them into yoghurt or curd cheese.
  • Mixing oats with fruit, protein powder and a some water will get you a refreshing smoothie, which you are sure to appreciate at times when you need a quick meal or do not have time to prepare a full-fledged dish.
  • If you cook oats in water or milk, you get the base for a breakfast or post-workout porridge, which you can then enrich with protein powder, fruit and garnish with nut butter according to your taste. Oats are also suitable for preparing fermented porridge or overnight oats.
  • However, oats are also great for preparing delicious pancakes or crêpes. When combined with nuts and dried fruit, you can also turn them into excellent homemade granola or muesli.
  • Grinding oats will provide you with a great and healthier alternative to traditional flour, which you can then use for making dough for pastries, pizza, cakes, biscuits, muffins and other goodies. Last but not least, you can use oats to thicken soups or your favourite sauces.

If you want to learn more about the benefits and uses of oats, read our article:  Oats: What Nutrients They Contain and Why to Include Them in Your Diet.

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