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Mutant Multi is a complex blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other active ingredients. It has been specially developed for power athletes and all active individuals who typically have an increased need for these substances. It comes in the practical form of tablets and can help with overall performance, endurance and vitality.

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Mutant Multi - daily dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes for athletes

Mutant Multi contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other active ingredients to support overall health, performance and vitality. It is a complex that is tailor-made for power and other athletes as well as active individuals who often have an increased need for these substances. 


Mutant Multi contains a complex spectrum of vitamins soluble in fat (A, D, E, K) and water (vitamin C, B vitamins), which perform a number of important functions in the body. Vitamin A, for example, helps maintain healthy vision and skin. Vitamin D supports the proper functioning of the immune system, muscle activity and bone health. Furthermore, vitamin E, like vitamin C, helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Vitamins B12, B6 and B2 help reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Vitamin B1 then supports normal mental activity, including the ability to concentrate or learn.


Minerals are represented, for example, by calcium, which is needed to maintain normal bone condition. Furthermore, magnesium, which supports proper muscle function and normal energy metabolism. The zinc contained has a positive effect on the health of the skin and hair and also helps to maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood. 


The product also contains a blend of digestive enzymes, cinnamon, extracts from green plants such as green barley or spirulina as well as from other superfoods. Furthermore, antioxidants, which are represented by effective lycopenes and carotenoids and help protect cells from oxidative stress. Last but not least, this product contains arginine which is converted in the body to nitric oxide, which plays an important role in blood circulation within muscles. This can then result in better nutrient flow, delayed muscle fatigue and better sports performance. It is thus ideal for overall support of the body during demanding training as well as on rest days.     


Mutant Multi & its benefits

  • contains a complex of vitamins, minerals and other important micronutrients 
  • helps maintain the normal condition of vision and skin
  • supports the proper functioning of immunity
  • helps maintain normal bone and muscle function
  • helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • supports the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood
  • contains arginine and a blend of digestive enzymes
  • enriched with superfood extracts 
  • contains also cinnamon and important antioxidants
  • ideal for power athletes and other active individuals  


Recommended use

Take 2 tablets daily with food.     


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values  1 serving (2 tablets)
Vitamin A (as palmitate, beta-carotene)  2980 mcg
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)  180 mg
Vitamin D (D2; as ergocalciferol) 25 mcg
Vitamin E (as succinate) 20 mg
Vitamin K1 (as phytonadione) 80 mcg
Thiamin (as mononitrate, vitamin B1)  3.3 mg
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 3.4 mg
Niacin (as 36 mg niacinamide and 4 mg niacin) 40 mg
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl)  6 mg
Folate (600 mcg folic acid) 1000 mcg
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin) 15 mcg
Biotin (as D-biotin) 300 mcg
Pantothenic acid (as calcium D-pantothenate)  12 mg
Choline (as choline bitartrate)  4 mg
Calcium (as phosphate, carbonate) 220 mg
Iodine (as potassium iodide)  150 mcg
Magnesium (as oxide, bisglycinate) 120 mg
Zinc (as oxide, bisglycinate) 25 mg
Selenium (as sodium selenite) 110 mcg
Copper (as gluconate) 2 mg
Manganese (as citrate)  2 mg
Chromium (as chloride) 180 mcg
Molybdenum (as sodium molybdate) 100 mcg
Phyto-blend 125 mg
(oat (Avena sativa), L-arginine HCl, red beet, pumpkin seed)
100 mg
(protease, lactase, lipase, papain) 
40 mg
Cinnamon  25 mg
Inositol 40 mg
Silica  5 mg
LycoRed® lycopene complex (red tomato extract) 500 mcg
Carotenoid, Lutein & Zeaxanthin complex  500 mcg

Other ingredients

Phyto-blend (barley grass, tart cherry, green tea extract, grape seed extract, artichoke, lemon juice powder, flaxseed, curcumin, quinoa, apple, raspberries, goji berry, camu camu, blackcurrant, maqui berry, pomegranate, blueberry, mango, strawberry, acerola berry, cranberry, acai, Alfalfa leaf juice, wheatgrass, oat grass, broccoli, cabbage, parsley, kale, spirulina, chlorella, seaweed, dandelion, broccoli sprout, pineapple, papaya), microcrystalline cellulose (E460), carboxymethylcellulose (E466), dextrin (E1400), dextrose, soy lecithin (E322), sodium citrate (E331), soy powder, sorbitol (E420), stearic acid, croscarmellose (E468), silica (E551), magnesium stearate (E572), sucrose, soybean oil, ascorbyl palmitate (E 306), tocopherol blend (E 306), sodium alginate (E401), Arabic gum (E414), pea starch, purified water.   



Nutritional supplement. Suitable for athletes. The product does not replace a varied diet. Not intended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children! Do not exceed the recommended daily use. Store in a dry place at a temperature up to 25 ° C out of direct sunlight. Protect from frost. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by improper use or storage.

Allergen Warning: may contain soy.



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