Country Life Granola

Granola from manufacturer Country Life is a category of products in which you will find the best kinds of crunchy granola. Granola typically consists of a toasted mixture of flakes, nuts, seeds, and other healthy goodies to replenish energy and provide beneficial fats and fibre. It is best suited as the basis of a healthy breakfast or as a snack. Granola tastes great with milk, yoghurt or as a crunchy addition to your porridge. For example, you can reach for granola with nuts, chocolate or perhaps go for the protein granola.

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What is granola made of?

Granola most often consists of oat or other cereal flakes, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. It is also often enriched with cocoa or honey to make it taste absolutely divine.

In this category, you will also find the protein granola, which excels in its protein content. It comes in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, honey or wild berries.

Granola and its uses

Granola is the perfect choice for breakfast. All you must do is mix it together with milk, yoghurt, quark or kefir. Afterwards, add some fresh fruit, and voilà, a balanced dish to help you start the day is ready to be served. That said, it is also suitable for brunch and tastes great even on its own. You can also add it to porridges or homemade ice cream. Feel free to also combine it with chia pudding to make a delicious meal. There are no limits to imagination, and you can use it wherever you feel it fits best.

How to prepare homemade granola?

You can easily prepare granola at home using ingredients you like best. The preparation process is very simple. Mix oats with your favourite nuts and seeds, add some maple or other syrup and combine this with dissolved coconut oil or ghee. Stir the whole mixture thoroughly, place on a baking sheet and bake for about 20-30 minutes in an oven heated to 160 °C until crispy. 

Come and choose a granola that will put a smile on your face each and every morning.

Practical tips for preparing a healthy breakfast can be found in the following article: 6 Most Common Breakfast Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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