Zucchini is a green vegetable that is naturally low in calories. This is mainly because it is largely made up of water. This makes it a great addition to a weight loss diet. Unless you add some spices, it has a relatively neutral taste. This allows to use it to prepare both sweet and savoury meals. For example, you can grill or bake it with some other vegetables or meat. It also tastes great in combination with plant-based meat alternatives, which will please vegetarians and vegans. Fans of a low-carb diet can even use it to make spaghetti.

Even though zucchini is a vegetable, that doesn’t mean it should go only into savoury meals. In fact, it tastes just good in sweet recipes. For example, you can grate and add it to your breakfast porridge. This will increase its volume significantly without changing its energy value that much. As a result, you would feel more satisfied after the meal. Furthermore, you can also use zucchini as an ingredient in brownies and sweet bread. It is thus a versatile vegetable that can be used in a thousand ways. Now when zucchini season comes around again, you’ll be familiar with how to incorporate it into your meals.

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