Weider is a company based in Phoenix, Arizona, which has over 70 years of expertise. Its mission is to provide customers with the best nutritional supplement products to ensure a longer, better life and healthier lifestyle. Since 1936, Weider, a family and brand, has developed innovative nutritional supplements based on 4 important aspects:

  • Quality: meeting all production and nutritional standards.
  • Science: composition designed to provide the consumer with the effective benefits they desire.
  • Knowledge: a global network that covers all aspects of health.
  • Trust: products you can rely on to achieve your goals.




Its philosophy is simple. Live better for yourself and your family. Weider provides education to people around the world in aspects such as bodybuilding, fitness, health and wellness. He has gained the trust of people who prefer a healthy lifestyle for one reason - for more than half a century, it has paid attention to the quality and efficiency of its products. Today, Weider is a synonym for health and fitness worldwide - brand quality, information, products and services are sold in more than 120 countries around the world.




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