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Manuka Health

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In 2008, Manuka Health introduced for the first time the distribution of honeys according to MGO content as a more accurate and reliable method of determining the quality of Manuka honey. The MGO labeling system of Manuka honey is important because:

  • It is based on science and research - An accurate and reliable certification system for Manuka honeys for the level of methylglyoxal, which can be verified in any laboratory.

  • It is verified - Each batch of Manuka honey is tested and certified, which guarantees a minimum level of MGO, which is clearly stated on the packaging.
  • It is understandable and clear - Manuka honey MGO ™ 400+ guarantees a minimum content of 400 mg methylglyoxal per kilogram of Manuka honey.


Manuka Health tests every batch of honey to ensure the highest possible quality and purity of honey. The company covers the entire production process, from beekeeping to the final product, and each honey must meet strict quality and safety standards to maintain the properties of bioactive compounds. Try the extremely healthy and nutritious Manuka honeys!


Manuka Health




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