Björn Borg

Björn Borg is a Swedish brand of sports and casual wear, which holds the same name as the world-renowned Swedish tennis player. Its goal is to inspire every person to reach their maximum potential through exercise. And it is precisely what products of this brand can help with. Its first notable achievement during the 90s was an innovative men's underwear with flat seams that perfectly adapted to the shape of the body. The brand's offer gradually expanded and continued to amaze its customers with revolutionary designs and original prints. Nowadays, Björn Borg is not just focused on making great underwear. Its assortment offers clothes for various sports activities for both men and women of all sizes. Moreover, the brand also takes into consideration the ecological side of their products. Therefore, all clothing is made up of a minimum of 70% sustainable material. Finally, Björn Borg ranks among the supporters of the initiative for improving cotton cultivation practices around the world. Enjoy wearing stylish hoodies, sweatpants, or T-shirts with modern designs that are sure to provide unrivalled support during any exercise or activity thanks to their functionality.     



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  1. Men‘s trunks Noos Solids Shorts Black - BJÖRN BORG
  2. Men‘s T-shirt Borg Tee Brilliant White - BJÖRN BORG
  3. Men‘s leggings Borg Tights Black Beauty - BJÖRN BORG
  4. Men‘s shorts Centre Light Grey - BJÖRN BORG
  5. Men‘s T-shirt Borg Tee Black Beauty - BJÖRN BORG
  6. Men‘s Joggers Tapered Pant Centre Black Beauty - BJÖRN BORG
  7. Men‘s Hoodie Midlayer Half Zip Black Beauty - BJÖRN BORG
  8. Men‘s Hoodie Borg Hood Centre Black Beauty - BJÖRN BORG
  9. Men‘s Hoodie Borg Zip Hood Centre Black Beauty - BJÖRN BORG
  10. Men‘s shorts August Black Beauty - BJÖRN BORG

10 Items