GAIAM Foam Rollers & Massagers

Foam Rollers & Massagers from manufacturer GAIAM also known as massage rollers, these tools allow you to effectively massage your entire body, and are available in various designs. In addition to the colour, you can choose the size, surface, material, and hardness that suits you best. And if you can't decide on just one, the ideal choice for you might be a 3-in-1 massage roller, consisting of a large and small textured roller and a massage stick. For technology enthusiasts, there are smart vibrating rollers, where you can adjust the intensity yourself. 

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Why use foam rollers?

By properly using massage tools, such as the fitness foam roller, you can improve blood circulation in specific parts of your body, which can be beneficial, for example, before a workout. This allows for more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles during exercise, which can lead to better performance and, to some extent, injury prevention. After exercising, massaging the specific area can support recovery and relaxation by releasing tension in the worked muscles. Many athletes also use these tools to improve flexibility, mobility, and increase the range of motion. A foam roller is often used to massage stiff muscle knots, also known as trigger points, which is why this tool is sometimes called a trigger point roller.

Foam rollers will also be appreciated by people who want to relieve stiff backs after a long day of sitting, standing, or demanding manual work. These tools are therefore sure to find their use in each and every household.

How to use foam rollers?

Using a foam roller is really simple, so you can easily manage it at home or at the gym. Just position a part of your body on it, such as your Achilles tendons, hamstrings, or back, and roll the roller back and forth over the area. If you decide, for example, to massage your back, simply lie down on the roller and slowly move back and forth to make it roll. If you feel more tension in certain areas, you may have found a trigger point. Make sure to place more emphasis on massaging that part of your body.

If you are looking for an effective way to improve blood circulation in various parts of your body, support recovery, relaxation, or reduce the likelihood of injury during exercise, then self-massage tools are an ideal solution.

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