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Mini Muscle Roller is a compact massage tool that serves to relax stiff muscles. It can be used to massage multiple muscle areas and fits easily into any bag. Its firm wavy texture allows for maximum stimulation and deep pain relief.

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Mini Muscle Roller - a compact on-the-go massage tool to relieve multiple muscle areas

Mini Muscle Roller is an ideal alternative for those who travel frequently. You can easily pack it in a bag, backpack, suitcase, or any other luggage. It is made of durable material, so you can safely travel with it. After unpacking, it is immediately ready to massage your stiff muscles.


You can use it, for example, to massage the feet, back, legs or arms. It has a special wavy texture that provides maximum muscle stimulation and deep relief from pain or tension. Self massage with Mini Muscle Roller is completely safe, and you can choose the suitable intensity.


Mini Muscle Roller & its benefits

  • suitable for massaging various muscle parts
  • has compact dimensions and a solid construction
  • easily fits in any luggage
  • provides maximum stimulation and deep tissue relief



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