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3in1 Massage Roller is an auto-massage roller suitable for relaxing the muscles of your entire body. It is ideal for athletes looking to either warm up their muscles before a training session, or to boost their post-workout regeneration with a massage. It is also great for stretching out after a long day at the office. Furthermore, it includes a foam roller, a smaller ribbed roller, and a massage stick.

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3in1 Massage Roller includes three practical tools for both light and deep tissue massage of the whole body 

3in1 Massage Roller is a practical fitness tool that consists of a large foam cylinder, a smaller ribbed cylinder and a massage stick. It is ideal for all athletes as well as other individuals who are looking to massage and relax their muscles. It allows for a full body massage, and can help improve blood circulation, which makes using it a great pre-workout warm-up, as it prepares the massaged muscles for performance


It is equally useful after your workout, as improved blood circulation may also help accelerate the draining of muscle waste products that accumulate in your muscles during the performance. This leads to better regeneration. Naturally, it can also be used on your rest days, helping you stretch out after a long day of sitting at work, university, or when travelling. 


The key advantage of this product is that it consists of three parts, each of which has a different shape and mode of application. With this aid, you can easily perform a full body auto-massage. In addition, thanks to this design feature, it can be easily collapsed for easy storage. The large foam cylinder roller is ideal for stretching and light massage of back, hip and leg muscles. It should be used only when combined with the other two parts that fit inside. 


The smaller, ribbed, cylindrical roller is suitable for a more intense, deep tissue massage of muscles and fascia (particularly the fascia of the back and thighs). The third and final part of the set is the massage stick, which consists of four moving parts and side handles, thanks to which it is easy to use. It allows to conveniently massage your own arms, legs, abdomen or even your lower back


The 3in1 Massage Roller is the perfect choice for all the athletes who do strength training, heavy weight lifting, crossfit, running, as well as other activities. However, is has equal utility for anyone who requires a relaxation accessory after a long day at work, whether this includes hard manual labour, or a sedentary office job, which can often produce unpleasant stiffness in back muscles.


3in1 Massage Roller - GymBeam

3in1 Massage Roller & its advantages 

  • a practical auto-massage tool
  • consists of three parts
  • the outer foam roller is smooth
  • the inner roller part has ribbed surface
  • comes with a massage stick
  • made from solid polyethylene (EPE), polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) 
  • ideal for stretching
  • effective relaxation for strained and stiff muscles
  • suitable for fascia massage
  • improves blood circulation in the massaged muscles
  • easy to use
  • ideal for pre- and post-workout massage
  • suitable not only for athletes    






Dimensions Length Diameter
Outer foam roller 46 cm 15 cm
Inner ribbed roller 46 cm 10 cm
Massage stick 45 cm 4 cm
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