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Premium Test is a home DNA test with a wide range of genetic analyses. It can analyse over 100 valuable pieces of data, revealing how to modify your lifestyle to match your unique DNA. This includes analyses on diet, sports predispositions, immunity, oral microbiome, ethnicity or risk of various diseases.

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Premium Test - an advanced premium home DNA test that offers over 100 different analyses to improve your daily life

Premium Test is an advanced home saliva DNA test that works with a wide range of over 100 different analyses, offering valuable data related to your health, lifestyle or ethnicity. It is a uniquely comprehensive DNA test that gives you so much information that normally requires several different tests. Its analyses cover areas related to health, sports predispositions, immunity, oral microbiome, ethnicity or risk of various diseases.


Premium Test can detect genetic predispositions to many health risks, addictions, or the presence of inherited disorders at the DNA level. Further, the results may reveal a propensity for excessive fat storage in the body or a predisposition for muscle growth. But also sensitivity to gluten, oxidative stress or the ability to break down caffeine. Thus, the test results can help you tailor your diet around your genes. Last but not least, it will reveal your predisposition to the type of physical activity, i.e. whether strength or endurance sports are more suitable for you. In addition, it offers an analysis of your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.


There is also an immune system-oriented DNA analysis, which examines, for example, resistance to norovirus infections or HIV. The information gained will offer you a unique opportunity to adjust your lifestyle in accordance with your genes and individual needs. This allows you to make more informed decisions that can have a huge impact on your quality of life.


This test will also provide you with interesting data about your ethnicity or your ancestors and distant relatives from around the world. An added benefit is its free and regular update of results based on new findings and features offered by this service. The premium test is suitable for all people who are concerned about their health and want to do their best for it through better daily choices. This can help them improve their daily life and optimize their sleep, for example. It will also be appreciated if you want to learn more about your ethnicity and your distant relatives.


The test package includes a saliva sample collection tube, detailed instructions on how to activate the test and an envelope for sending the sample. The packaging and product documentation are in English. The application supports English, Slovak, Polish and Slovenian languages.


Premium DNA Test - GenePlanet

Premium Test & its benefits 

  • home comprehensive home saliva DNA test
  • no invasive methods are required to use it
  • user-friendly and easy to use
  • offers over 100 different analyses with valuable data
  • contains unique information that normally requires several DNA tests
  • provides information about genetic predispositions for health risks 
  • can detect inherited disorders based on DNA 
  • reveals how the body may respond to diet and exercise
  • provides data on ethnicity, ancestry, and distant relatives 
  • analyses DNA from a saliva sample 
  • results are continuously updated according to new scientific findings
  • helps with lifestyle modification will help with improving the quality of daily life
  • suitable for all those who take care of their health



How does it work? 

  1. Once your test arrives after purchase, create GenePlanet account on the manufacturer's website and register your test using the barcode and security code.
  2. Next, collect the saliva sample according to the instructions, wrap it carefully, and store it out of the reach of children in a dry, room-temperature place. The collected samples must not be stored in the refrigerator!
  3. We will collect the sample from you free of charge via courier service once you contact our customer service line by email, who will arrange a pick-up date with you. Please contact the customer service line as soon as possible, ideally on the same or next day, after you have carried out the test as instructed. No more than 7 days should elapse between the test and sample collection. This is the only way to get your results as quickly as possible.   
  4. We will notify you via email in approximately 7 weeks once your results are available in the online application, which can be easily accessed using your account on the GenePlanet manufacturer's website, who will evaluate the tests according to strict protocols and safety rules.
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