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MyLifestyle Test is a convenient at-home saliva DNA test that can provide valuable health and lifestyle insights based on over 90 analyses. Its results can reveal genetic predispositions to many health risks at the DNA level. Moreover, it also provides information about what diet or sport is best for you.

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MyLifestyle Test - a home DNA test that can improve your daily life in health, diet and sports based on over 90 gene analyses

MyLifestyle Test is a home DNA test from saliva that works with a wide range of more than 90 different analyses. These contain valuable data related to your health, lifestyle, sports, nutrition or sleep habits. This is a unique comprehensive DNA test that provides you with so much information that normally requires several different tests. Its analyses cover three areas related to nutrition, sports and lifestyle.


This test can also help you with your diet as it will show you which nutrients to focus on more. You'll also learn from the results how to adjust your diet depending on your body's response to carbohydrate and fat intake. In the case of nutrition, you'll also learn valuable insights into alcohol or caffeine elimination from the body, fat burning, lactose intolerance, the risks of being overweight, and more. The test also evaluates carefully selected groups of genes that affect micronutrient metabolism. As a result, you will learn which vitamins and minerals to focus on and reduce or increase their intake through diet or supplements.


In the area of sports and lifestyle, this at-home DNA test offers interesting insights that will reveal what type of sport is best suited for you. You'll learn how strong your tendencies are for endurance or strength sports. It will also help you uncover the secrets of your body and athletic performance that can make you better. Further, it will help you discover how prone you are to injuries of soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments and limit the activities that carry the greatest risk. By analyzing the COMT "warrior" gene, you will learn how you react to stressful situations, which will help you make more informed decisions that can have a tremendous impact on the quality and effectiveness of more than just your athletic life. Other areas of analysis include regeneration, strength prerequisites or predispositions related to resting heart rate.


The third area of analysis relates to the body and mind, i.e. overall lifestyle. From the results, you can then learn interesting information about fear and anxiety, stress management, skin health or sleep habits. There are also analyses focusing on biological age, cellulite, and the sufficiency of specific vitamins. This test will further help you find out if you are more of a night owl or an early bird.


MyLifestyle Test is thus ultimately suitable for anyone who is interested in their lifestyle or health and wants to do their best for it through better daily decisions based on DNA analysis. This can help him improve his daily life and optimize, for example, sleep or prevent many health risks or excessive fat storage in the body. 


The test package includes a collection tube for the saliva sample, detailed instructions on how to activate the test and an envelope for sending the sample. The packaging and product documentation are in English. The application supports English, Slovak, Polish and Slovenian languages.


DNA Test MyLifestyle - GenePlanet


MyLifestyle Test & its Benefits 

  • a home saliva DNA test
  • no invasive methods are needed to use it
  • user-friendly and easy to use
  • works with a wide range of over 90 different analyses
  • provides valuable insights related to health, lifestyle, sports, and nutrition
  • tells you what sport is best for you
  • offers valuable sports data such as endurance predisposition, susceptibility to inflammation, or strength prerequisites
  • reveals how the body may respond to diet and exercise 
  • includes results related to abstaining from alcohol or caffeine, fat burning, lactose intolerance, risks of being overweight
  • from a lifestyle perspective, it offers information on fear and anxiety, stress management, skin health
  • allow you to determine if you are more of a night owl or an early bird
  • helps with lifestyle adjustments 
  • provides personalized recommendations for lifestyle change and improvement 
  • suitable for anyone concerned about their health



How does it work? 

  1. Once your test arrives after purchase, create GenePlanet account on the manufacturer's website and register your test using the barcode and security code.
  2. Next, collect the saliva sample according to the instructions, carefully package it, and store it out of the reach of children in a dry, room-temperature place. The collected samples must not be stored in the refrigerator!
  3. We will collect the sample from you free of charge via courier service once you contact our customer service line by email, who will arrange a pick-up date with you. Please contact the customer service line as soon as possible, ideally on the same or next day, after you have carried out the test as instructed. No more than 7 days should elapse between the test and sample collection. This is the only way to get your results as quickly as possible.   
  4. We will notify you via email in approximately 7 weeks once your results are available in the online application, which can be easily accessed using your account on the GenePlanet manufacturer's website, who will evaluate the tests according to strict protocols and safety rules.
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