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Vitamin D Test is a simple diagnostic test which reveals the levels of vitamin D3 in your body. The resulting analysis also includes a personalized recommendation that will help you determine the optimum intake levels of this crucial nutrient.

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Vitamin D Test - a simple home diagnostic test for determining vitamin D3 levels in your body 

Vitamin D Test is a practical diagnostic tool for at-home use. It measures the concentration of vitamin D3 in your blood and helps detect a potential deficiency. Vitamin D3 is particularly important for the proper functioning of your immune system and muscles, as well as for the good health of your  bones and teeth. It has a significant impact on your overall health and maintaining its proper levels is therefore absolutely indispensable for the well-being of your body. Vegetarians, vegans and the elderly are particularly susceptible to suffering from vitamin D3 deficiency. 


Vitamin D3 is naturally derived from sunshine, which is why people who don't spend a lot of time outdoors are at a higher risk of suffering from its deficiency. Low levels of this crucial nutrient are a common occurrence especially during the period in between autumn and spring, when there's a lot less daylight.   


The results that you will receive after taking the test also include personalized recommendations. These will provide practical customized advice for achieving optimum levels of vitamin D3 in your body. You'll be advised about foods and nutrition supplements you should be using (in specified amounts) in order to maintain healthy levels of this vitamin.    


Home diagnostic tests are a great solution for everyone who wants to assume better control over their health, and take the best possible care of it. Based on individualized recommendations, you'll be able to adjust your intake of such indispensable nutrients as vitamin D3. The packaging of the test as well as the included instructions for use are available in English only.  


Vitamin D Test & its advantages

  • home diagnostic test for determining your vitamin D levels
  • involves a test kit for sample extraction at home
  • user-friendly and easy to use
  • determines the levels of vitamin D3 in your blood
  • capable of detecting vitamin D3 deficiency in the body
  • can help you improve your lifestyle
  • provides personalized nutrition recommendations
  • advises the user on nutrition supplements that can help maintain healthy vitamin D3 levels 
  • provides tips on how to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D3 in your body
  • contributes to a positive lifestyle change
  • ideal solution for everyone who wants to take good care of their health


How does it work?

  1. Once you receive the test you've purchased, create a user's account in My Cerascreen app, or at the website of Cerascreen. Upon doing so, register using an ID provided at the activation card. Once logged in, answer a few short questions necessary for later processing of the results into your personalized recommendations.    
  2. Following the instructions provided with the testing kit, extract a small blood sample from your fingertip. Once the sample has been drawn, put it into an attached return envelope, which you have to send to a designated laboratory at no additional cost (address is already filled in). Please do not send the envelope back to us.
  3. An accredited laboratory will perform expert analysis of your blood sample. 
  4. Once your sample has been evaluated, you will receive your results via My Cerascreen app, or by logging into your customer's account at the website of the manufacturer. The overview of your personalized recommendations will be accessible in your smartphone or personal computer, whereupon you can also have it printed.  
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