MuscleTech Complex Amino Acids

Complex Amino Acids from manufacturer MuscleTech is a category of products that contain essential and non-essential amino acids. Each of these amino acids has their own specific function in the body and are being used for different reasons. Essential amino acids (EAA) are especially important for the regeneration and growth of muscle mass. These include the branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs. They serve to protect the muscles from degradation (catabolism), and can be used as a source of energy during the physical activity on top of that.

Other amino acids, such as arginine or citrulline, are linked with blood circulation throughout the body, including muscle tissue, which can ultimately support sports performance. Talking about supporting sports performance, beta alanine can also help with this, as it can break down lactic acid in the muscles, thus delaying muscle fatigue. With the help of complex supplements, you can reap the benefits of a whole spectrum of these compounds in just one product. 

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What do complex amino acids contain?

Complex amino acids contain a mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids. The intake of essential amino acids (EAA) is particularly important for the body, because it cannot produce them on its own. Therefore, you are completely dependent on their intake from your diet and nutritional supplements. There are 8 of them in total, and they include, for example lysine or the popular branched chain amino acids, such as valine, leucine, isoleucine, or BCAAs. These have a big benefit, as they are typically absorbed faster than other amino acids, which allows them to serve as a source of energy during physical activity. Moreover, they are also used for the protection of muscle mass as well as an effective support for muscle regeneration and growth.

Non-essential amino acids are the next indispensable part of complex supplements. Although the body can create them on its own, there may be situations in which they become essential and need to be replenished. This happens especially during the development stages, when experiencing greater stress or during demanding sports activities. They are also often referred to as conditional amino acids. These include, for example, arginine or glutamine.

As you may know, arginine is directly linked to the formation of nitric oxide (NO) in the body, which affects the expansion of blood vessels and blood circulation. This can result in a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles. Glutamine, in turn, is the most represented amino acid in muscle tissue. It can even be used as a source of energy for some cells of the immune system and the mucosa of the small intestine. That said, its levels naturally decrease with physical activity. Therefore, it needs to be replenished from external sources. But that's not all, with the help of these products, you can also ensure the intake of taurine, citrulline or beta-alanine.

These nutritional supplements also often boast a lot of vitamins, fat burners and other active ingredients. For example, Amino Beast has an ingredient profile that includes a wide range of amino acids, vitamin C, coconut water as well as a green tea extract. In turn, ProAMINO is enriched with the unique GreenEnergy® formula, which contains caffeine, green coffee extract and green tea. Furthermore, it is also enriched with vitamin C and B group vitamins. You can also choose the ProAMINO stim-free, which is free of caffeine and other stimulants, so you can easily take it even in the evening. With the help of these products you are able to ensure the intake of the most important amino acids and, depending on the ingredient profile, you may also support fat burning, weight loss and your overall health and vitality.

Moreover, in case you are on the lookout for a supplement that boasts a high absorption rate, you will surely appreciate the ingredient profile of Beef&Egg. This supplement contains amino acids from hydrolysed beef protein and egg whites, which have high bioavailability. Last but not least, you can take complex amino acids in the form of a soluble powder, tablets or liquid concentrate.

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