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Beef&Egg Amino 500 tabs - GymBeam

Manufacturer: GymBeam
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Beef&Egg amino are amino acids made of beef and egg whites, which are characterized by high biological value. They contain up to 19 amino acids which improve protein synthesis, thereby support the growth, muscle protection and regeneration. 

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Beef&Egg amino - source of 19 amino acids from hydrolyzed beef protein and egg hydrolysate for better protein synthesis  

Beef&Egg amino is a complex of amino acids in the tablet form made from specially modified hydrolyzed beef and egg whites. In each dose, you will find a varied complex of 19 amino acids in concentrated form, which are an effective source of protein. Amino acids are involved in many processes and their supplementation you will support the proper functioning of the body. Beef&Egg amino is a product designed for all active and recreational athletes who prefer supplementation of amino acids from quality beef and egg hydrolysate. In one dose of the product, which is 10 tablets, you will get up to 13 g of amino acids all together.  


Beef&Egg Amino 500 tabs - GymBeam


Beef&Egg amino and its benefits

  • contains up to 19 amino acids
  • quality amino acids from beef and egg hydrolysate
  • one dose contains up to 13 g of amino acids
  • protein-producing material that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscles
  • contains a minimum of carbohydrates
  • is well digestible and absorbable



Egg hydrolysate containing short peptides, beef hydrolyzed protein (90%), firming agent, calcium phosphate, dividing substance: magnesium stearate.



We recommend taking 5-10 tablets, 20 minutes before and after the workout. In non-training days, take Beef&Egg between meals and before bedtime.


Table of Nutritional values

Amino acid profile in 10 tabs/13 g
Arginine0.93 g
Lysine0.52 g
Glycine2.47 g
Phenylalanine0.37 g
Methionine0.15 g
Isoleucine0.28 g
Leucine0.54 g
Threonine0.3 g
Valine0.44 g
Serina0.47 g
Tyrosine0.21 g
Histidine0.14 g
Aspartic acid0.81 g
Glutamic acid1.4 g
Cysteine0.04 g
Proline1.34 g
Alanine1.12 g
Tryptophan0.04 g
Hydroxyproline1.13 g
Ornithine0.02 g



Dietary supplement. The product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store in dry places with the temperature up to 25 °c. Protect from cold and direct sunlight. Store out of the reach of small children. The manufacturer is not liable for damages arising from improper use or storage. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Minimum durability: Stated on the packaging.

Allergenic warning: It may contain traces of milk protein, soy lecithin, and gluten.

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Beef&Egg Amino 500 tabs - GymBeam

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Beef&Egg Amino 500 tabs - GymBeam

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